Avernus by WEXAL
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WEXAL unregistered
#2   11 Oct 2000
Thanks for the kind words, Hannibal. I am glad ya dig it, and I am sure everyone who grabs it here on LVL will also dig it to no end.


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hannibal unregistered
#1   11 Oct 2000
avernus is an underrated map in the q3f community. complaints have been made about its size in terms of how long it takes to get from one flag room to the other. but this map is at its best when the offense is carried out by speedy classes. (recon, medic, flametrooper) the flag is challenging to defend but not impossible for an engineer/solidier tandem. i enjoy the hair raising attempts at getting the regen too.

the map plays quick for its size and the tech theme is solid and unique.

with a name like wexal, i'd have to guess that you're really vexar or his little brother (heh)

anyway, one well done map. if you want to play (and frag over and over) wexal on his own map, as well as fellow q3f mappers condorman and riptor checkout www.railbait.com


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