Deadly Grounds
Deadly Grounds by Killazontherun
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Number 6 unregistered
#6   18 Oct 2000
I wanted to like it (I am SO fixated on the whole Gothic theme), but I just can't get into the symetrical thing.
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weezer unregistered
#5   14 Oct 2000
Except for knocking my head every time I jump down the stairs from the Quad, it's a great playing map. FAS*T
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elvis unregistered
#4   11 Oct 2000
preatty good. everything seems ok but the quad area isnt really used by the bots.

gameplay revolves around mostly the rocket launcher , and sometimes the plasma in 3 player ffa.

i agree with niptlar, armor would keep you alive longer and maybe that could liven up that quad area eh:)

a well made map , and i agree with excelsiore about it being sorta a king of the hill type of game, and that this map doesnt really show off anything new. but it is preatty fuckin cool to frag in:)

i give it an high because of the frames and the connectivity. items werent as cool though.

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killazontherun unregistered
#3   11 Oct 2000
ohh well, I'm still trying
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Niptlar unregistered
#2   11 Oct 2000
It needs... armor. It needs armor! The ammo balance is okay, but not great.

Dammit, the level needs armor!

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Excelsiore unregistered
#1   11 Oct 2000
Not spectacular but not bad. ok lighting, ok texturing ok layout. Tended to become a king of the hill type of game centered around the RL. Nothing new but well done.
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