by Sock
Si'Metrik by Sock
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raspatan Rep. 4538
#73   13 May 2020
Great map for a fast-paced 1v1.
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Colton Rep. 359
#72   30 May 2016
Map looks alright for a floater, but it does have it's setbacks. I'll happily take a 7/10 for it overall.
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#71   07 Jan 2012
AMAZING! i love it!
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Chunky Kibbles! Rep. 246
#70   12 Jul 2011
This is still one of the very best maps out there for Q3A. I've had Si'Metrik on I don't know how many different hard drives over the's that good. If anyone out there still hasn't downloaded this one...what the heck are you waiting for?!?!?!? Just do it! I LOVE this map!!! :D
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coolguy unregistered
#69   26 Oct 2009
love this
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Nitebeat unregistered
#68   19 Oct 2009
Nice oldie. Still in my game, after nine years.
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Anonymous unregistered
#67   23 Jun 2005
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not entered unregistered
#66   12 Jan 2005
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Kolci unregistered
#65   26 Jan 2004
Just my favorite
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not entered unregistered
#64   24 Dec 2003
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apollo unregistered
#63   21 Sep 2003
This is a very nice map.

I have a problem though: I see an ugly white "border" of the skybox, so I see the border of the cube that the whole map is in. Does anyone know how to solve this?

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<gundown> unregistered
#62   26 Aug 2003
this map looks and feels awesome, has a great atmosphere, is laid out real cool and is just plain fun to play. It took me 2 or 3 games to get used to it i admit but that's the same with any map. Overall i'd say this is one of the best i've seen... everyone should d/l this and try it out.
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rome ntc unregistered
#61   08 Jul 2003
feel like downloading this one

not all spacemaps have to take place in space

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darkh unregistered
#60   17 Jan 2003
the coolest
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Darkh unregistered
#59   17 Jan 2003
It's pretty cool
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Achereto unregistered
#58   29 Aug 2002
sieht geil aus die map. und endlich mal ne spacemap die nicht im weltall ist ;)
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Cyber Wolf unregistered
#57   21 Aug 2002
As soon as I saw that stage I went WOW! The author did a great job.
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Pawe³ unregistered
#56   02 Jul 2002

Nazywam sie Pawe³ i jestem z Polski

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Pawe³ unregistered
#55   02 Jul 2002

Nazywam sie Pawe³ i mieszkam w Polsce. Macie cool stronkê.


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Jirka unregistered
#54   08 Dec 2001
Sehr Gut!
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Des unregistered
#53   27 Jun 2001
First space map I really like :-) (I'm no good jumper and hate falling all the time.)

You're floater is great ! With the jumppads facing 'inwards' you hardly ever miss it and diving down into that wonderful ocean isn't that bad. Original design and still very playable !

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Loader unregistered
#52   24 Jun 2001
to bring it to a point:

Impressive !!

everyone gets it now

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Quatzi unregistered
#51   08 Jun 2001
wonderfull :)
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yorch unregistered
#50   03 Jun 2001
the best map ever!!!!
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#49   11 Apr 2001
Good job,Sock is mapper maker for SiN too.
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Black Ant Co_op unregistered
#48   10 Apr 2001
Just compliments: great style, wonderful architecture, very balanced. Have it also as wallpaper on my desktop
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Pestilence unregistered
#47   01 Apr 2001
A MUST have...Plain and simple
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Arnakoîd unregistered
#46   01 Apr 2001
rockin'map !

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not entered unregistered
#45   30 Mar 2001
seems pretty cool
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Shifty unregistered
#44   29 Mar 2001
Finally, something that looks like a new idea....
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rook unregistered
#43   29 Mar 2001
dude wow
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Shafty unregistered
#42   27 Mar 2001
Real nice map... love the design and the sky box. Its real sharp. Plays real smooth too. Nice work on a very original map.
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Thanatos unregistered
#41   27 Mar 2001
Damn, that skybox looks cool! Reminds me of the dock area from Myst. (Hopefully, it'll play better than Myst, tho'. ;)

I'm gonna d/l this 1 as soon as I get home.

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Snake unregistered
#40   15 Mar 2001
Wicked design, but smooth gameplay is lacking I think.
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GroinKloth unregistered
#39   14 Feb 2001
good gameplay and great to look at. Fun with 6 or so players. Grenade spamming from the roof is inevitable. Fun to rail people into the water! Download this immediately!
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antimatter unregistered
#38   21 Dec 2000
Now, I know i could go on and on and right a friggin novel about this map...but why? One word suffices: Wow!
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Gorilla unregistered
#37   20 Nov 2000
beautiful background, solid layout. I like this map a lot. Well worth a dload.
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NeoNite unregistered
#36   18 Nov 2000
Very awesome map :)

original design, fine visuals, gameplay (bots don't fall of the ledges all the time, they're pretty smart here :)

but then again, what is a smart bot?

Fantastic skybox :) nice job on that one sock. This level is one of those, that stick out.

Great work!

ALso good connectivity, and i liked the secret places. Bots won't ever find them hehe :)


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ed unregistered
#35   04 Nov 2000
I love this map! A quad hidden in would be cool tho..or did I just not find it yet :-P
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quad damit unregistered
#34   28 Oct 2000
I can't stop playin this map.

Damit, I gettin sleepy.

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#33   25 Oct 2000
Wow, over 4100 downloads for a map that richly deserves it!

Way to go Sock.

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Atomic Punk unregistered
#32   23 Oct 2000
Sensational!! - good, fast play. I would love to see a series of maps based on this one. I also the position of the mega health - often needed when it gets a bit hot around the railgun. Thanks a million Sock - rockin'!!
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Atomic Punk unregistered
#31   23 Oct 2000
Sensational!! - good, fast play. I would love to see a series of maps based on this one. I also love the position of the mega health - often needed when it gets a bit hot around the railgun. Thanks a million Sock - rockin'!!
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pestilence unregistered
#30   21 Oct 2000
Ver well thought out level, smooth gameplay and flow... vertical play is just well, perfect!! This guy, I tell U ppl, we'll hear from him!! Very anxious to see his next map.... I wonder what it would be... somethign with a church perhaps??? That would be so cool!!! :) Anyway, I'm drifting, perfect map, lots of fun!!
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Elvis unregistered
#29   19 Oct 2000
Exceptional - definately a lesson to all those wannabe level designers out there. Lets have another!
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-sharky- unregistered
#28   19 Oct 2000
This is now one of the main DM levs we play at work. Good stuff. How about a nice green island under the base? Have huge ass Bounch pads to go back up..! Real water below? At last a map that you can go in, ON, around, over and under. (?) 8-)
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Staffs unregistered
#27   15 Oct 2000
reminds me of Unitooldm3!!
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Fingers unregistered
#26   14 Oct 2000
Re: Sky map sizes... if the files are 512x512, it's only going to show 256x256 with the normal (second-highest) texture quality setting. That's probably the setting you want to use on a voodoo3 anyway...

[this BTW is why I can only recommend doing skymaps in 512x512 instead of 256x256.. otherwise people playing with normal settings are going to see the sky in 128x128; that's worse than Quake2!]

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Kancer unregistered
#25   14 Oct 2000
Yeah, this needs a CTF port for sure. Sock should keep this theme and just add another maybe smaller base connected somehow to this one. Still rocks as a DM though.
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Weezer unregistered
#24   14 Oct 2000
Awesome level. It makes me want to pee frequently, though. Must be the sound of trickling H2O.

Good work

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CFx3_sparkle unregistered
#23   14 Oct 2000
This is a kick ass map! I love it. It is cool to see differnt styles of maps coming out.

And would anyone, other than me, like to see a CTF version? Think about it, 2 different temples with jump pads/accelerators in between.

Good work

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not entered unregistered
#22   14 Oct 2000
not into DM. I'm so SICK of DM maps. There are thousands of them and they don't get played. Want a map of yours played? Make a good CTF map.
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Sir Frag-a-lot unregistered
#21   13 Oct 2000
Way to go sock!

This is the best map I´ve played so far in Q3a. Really fine craftmanship. Next time can you make a map with a beach on a south pacific island with lots of palm trees ? Shouldn´t be a problem for you man.

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sock unregistered
#20   12 Oct 2000
I'm glad everyone so far has enjoyed playing this map. It was certainly fun to make.

Peak_Man: I have created a special version of this map using 256x256 sky textures. If u r interested mail me at


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afluffybunny unregistered
#19   12 Oct 2000
This is such a gorgeous map, it's hard not to look around instead of fragging away.
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Peak_Man unregistered
#18   12 Oct 2000
The sky texture is 512x512 (I looked through the pk3)... now I've finally come to regret buying my voodoo 3 instead of a tnt 2... but I guess there's always regret.
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DaZ unregistered
#17   12 Oct 2000
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Rick unregistered
#16   12 Oct 2000
Oh holy mother of God!!!

This is one fking map. Someone peel me away from my PC!

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not entered unregistered
#15   12 Oct 2000
very nice map,looks wonderfull and plays great
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WarMachine unregistered
#14   11 Oct 2000
what a yummy map this map is so cool great game play feals and looks great, the atmosphere is good the hole map itself is different from most maps witch is a good change, its map work like this map and maps like overkill that keep me fraggen , well done sock lookforward to your next map......happy fraggen WarMachine....:)
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Johnny unregistered
#13   11 Oct 2000
This is a wonderful map. It has a great layout, and there is not a single inch of dead space. I love how you always seem to end up in the central arena on the roof. The action then filters down to the other areas quite nicely, but once again back to the arena on top. This gives the map a certain unique flow, that really gives it an edge over other custom maps.

The atmosphere is also very nicely done, the pillars and shadows, on the outside ledges look very impressive. Well done Sock!

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fugacity unregistered
#12   11 Oct 2000
wow what a great map! the high rails are great camping spots, but it's so easy to splat a rail camper into the beyond.
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smudge unregistered
#11   11 Oct 2000
We've been playing this constantly in the office for the last few weeks. Brilliant map, one of the best.

Peak_Man: works fine on my Voodoo 2 and 3's....

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>>Apollo unregistered
#10   11 Oct 2000
Awesome map both in looks AND gameplay. Great map, but one of the few maps with pretty low fps (not your fault socks, I have a TNT2). Other than that, I loved the map in every other way!
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Peak_Man unregistered
#9   11 Oct 2000
Uh... is the sky more than 256x256? Because I have a voodoo3... and if one more aspect of q3a is ruined because of it, I'm killing myself.
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sock unregistered
#8   11 Oct 2000
Thanks everyone for your comments. :)

Witz: Does the banding effect happen in lower resolutions or just 1600x1200 ?


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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#7   11 Oct 2000
Sock, I'm so glad you didn't procrastinate with this map in beta any longer!

Way to go!

Seriously folks, if yer looking for a fast-paced, action filled, vertical map that abounds with playability and eye candy...look no further.


Sock, this map is so unique, I'm blown away.

10 out of 10!

Kudos, man!

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RiO unregistered
#6   11 Oct 2000
Tremendous! Loved it!
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Johnny Law unregistered
#5   11 Oct 2000
If you look at the screeny and think "oh great, a maze map with lots of jump pads, no thanks..." you should give it a try anyway. It was a lot more fun than I expected, and the gameplay is a bit different than most floaters (more indoor-ish sections).

Minor but cool touch -- fall off into the water and see (hear) what happens. :)

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=KrAkHeAd= unregistered
#4   11 Oct 2000
very nice work play is very tight and even the bots are fun

skybox is great i cant write anymore, gotta play now!!!!

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not entered unregistered
#3   11 Oct 2000
kick ass sky!!!
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Witz unregistered
#2   11 Oct 2000
Gorgeous map. Unfortunately i seem to be getting a lot of banding on the sky box. Anything i can do about that ?

(Oh, i'm running a GeForce 2 and for looking round a map i turn everything on - 1600x1200, 32 bit colour et al)

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ZOMB!E unregistered
#1   11 Oct 2000
great map, I have been running it on my DM server for about two weeks, and my players enjoy it lots. Look forward to seeing more work from this mapper.
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