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Deadly Grounds
Title : Klzdeadly - Deadly Grounds Filename : klzdeadly.pk3 Date finnished : 7th october 2000 Game : Quake3 Deathmatch Author : Phillip Basil-jones (Killazontherun) Description : Gothic 1 on 1 up too 4 ffa. Thanks to : ID Software for quake3 and makers of QE3Radiant * Play Information * Deathmatch : Y3s up to 4 ffa. Difficulty Settings : N0 New Graphic(s) : n0p3 New Music : N0 * Copyright / Permissions * This text file must be distributed unmodified with this map. You can copy it, give it to your friends or whatever you want to do with it but you must not sell it in anyway. Please ask my permission first if you are going to put it on some form of Magazine cdrom.
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