"Avernus" v.3

By Paul "WEXAL" Way


Title: Avernus
File: q3f_avernus.pk3
Author: Paul "WEXAL" Way
Email Address: **email removed**
URL: www.WEXAL.com (Personal)
www.thebackburner.com/~wexal (Maps)
lightning.prohosting.com/~wexal (Comics)
Description: A large sized Capture the Flag map for Quake 3 Fortress.

Play Information

Skills 0,1,2,3: Nope.
Tourney: Nope.
Deathmatch: Nope.
CTF: Yup. Q3F style. Up to 32 players. 16 spawn points on each team.
Bot File (aas): Nope (Q3F doesnt support bots yet. I've MADE one, but it's not in this PK3. It can be added if it becomes nessicary.)
Other: Nope.
New Sounds: Nope.
New Graphics: Sorta. (there are some textures from a nameless 'mappack.pk3 I have. if anyone knows what this is, lemme know and I will give it the proper kudos. Thanks to Cary 'CitizenC' Schwartzman and [5th]Dew for finding that they werent virgin Q3 Texures.)
New Music: Nope.

How To Play Unzip q3f_avernus.pk3 in your Quake3/baseq3/ folder. Use normally.


This base is bigger than I expected it to be.
Dont let the size screw you up tho,
Learn where things are and how to make them work for your team. Layout is pretty simple.
Vis has been built to the specifications set by the Q3A and Q3F maps, so it really shouldnt get too laggy in any one place (supposing you have even a halfway decent computer)

5 things of note;
*1) There are secret areas in the Elevator room of each Base that hold Bags that either side can use. I added this for Agents and Engineers. It should keep things flowing.

*2) To get the Quad requires teamwork. The door to the Quad is opened from the button on the catwalk above. The distance and the duration of the doors are set so the one who pushes the button can't get to the Quad. Only someone at the door when the button is pushed will be able to get to it. Team play at its best (::cackles evilly::).

*3) As is, when you begin the map there is only the Main Center Area to get from base to base. But, on either side of each base are Blockades (the ones you can see to the other side are the ones I mean). These Blockades can be blown from either side by a Grenadiers HE charge, exposing a secret entrance to either base. It also leads to the Regen and Quickstrike Teleporters.

*4) To get the Regenration, you need to do an Indiana Jones style "Leap of Faith"

*5) Teleporters- Teleporters are like fire. When used properly, they are good. When used improperly, they are bad. Nine times out of Ten there wont be any problems, but in that One of Ten times, you will be Telefragged, or Telefrag someone else. Usually a team mate. This is normal with Teleporters of this kind. DONT take it personally, DONT screw around with them, and DO treat them with respect. They are there to HELP your team, not hinder them (IE- Dont be an ass.)


Base: 100% original.
Editor: Q3Radiant
Other progs: Q3 Build
Know Bugs: We had bugs. We fixed bugs, THIS should be the nice, clean version.
Build Time: A couple weeks (on and off) construction, another for finding/fixing bugs.

My thanks to...

~id, for Q3A. Whoever made Q3Radient and Q3build. All the guys n girls at the Q3F team. Great game, guys.
~Every other mapper before me, who has probably infulenced how I do things one way or another.
~Ice Nine at www.railbait.com for being such a kick ass guy.
~The forums at www.q3f.com, and qw3.stomped.com
~The monkeys at the FPFC for my sanity.
( www.alcohol.org/fpfc/ )

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions

Copyright (c) 1999 Paul Way, WEXAL, **email removed**
All rights reserved.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of
id Software, Inc.

Quake III Fortress is whoevers. You know who you are.

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in this map for levity.

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