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Human experiments
================================================================ Title : Human experiments Filename : gumbase.bsp Author : Gummo Email Address : **email removed** Homepage : http://gummo.thebackburner.com/ Description : DM map for Quake3 ================================================================ * Play Information * Single Player : yes (with bots) Cooperative : No Deathmatch : Yes (3-8 players) Difficulty Settings : No New Sounds : Yes, hear Gummo's scary (and stinking ?) breath ! New Music : No New Graphics : yes, a couple of modified Q3 textures, rockwall texture by Sean Johnson and the spiderweb texture by Nathan Silvers. New Mapobjects : yes, the grass and tree by me, Mr. Gummo, and the rocks by Nathan Silvers. New Monsters : No New Demos : No New Models : No * Construction * Base : New level Editor(s) used : Q3radiant Build Time : perhaps 40-50 hours. Put the gumbase.pk3 in the baseq3-folder. at the console just write: map gumbase or you can access it in the Skirmish menu. Hope you enjoy this map, thanks to all that beta tested it at LVL (Spazz, GONNAKILLYA!,xfoo). My next map coming soon....Gumcity.....
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