------------File Information------------------------------------------ 13/Sep/2000 ---------
Title : Dubbilan2 (Reverberation)
Game : Quake 3 Arena
Filename : Dubbilan2.pk3
Author : Lasse "Dubbilan" Kolding

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Description : Small sized somewhat gothic-styled map, that takes place in a
"temple-arena" with action-packed battle from the 4th floor down
to the first, through a huge center core in the middle.



This is the high-demanding version of Reverberation that won the 2nd Prize at the
Quake3Stuff mapping competition. (1. July - 31. August - 2000)

This map is not designed for campers :). You won't find that many places to hide out in
more than 5 seconds! I know this map takes a pretty heavy machine to run properly, but I
have done what I could. I even spend 4 days re-designing big parts of the architecture to
make the map less detailed. (As soon as I find out it didn't run as well on many computer
:-(. )
But you can't always make maps to suit yesterdays computers! and it will run fine on most
computers if you just lower your graphic settings a little.
If anyone has any suggestions to increase the frame rate I would be very pleased if they
send it to me. This is my second Q3A map and any feedback is highly appreciated!!

------------Play Information ---------

Player Base : Free-For-All
Possible Number of Players : 2-8
Best number of Players : 2-4
Default Bots : Xaero, Patriot

PS. The bots play OK mostly, but doesn't use much time above the first floor.
As always I suggest human players since the bots can't figure out to do all
the tricks in the gameplay.


New Textures : A couple of self-modified textures, Ex. the Quake3Stuff-computerscreen :)

New Sounds : I have made the Battle Drums playing in the background
specially for this map. (Not sampled from anywhere!!)

Base : None
Build Time : Around 200 Hours over 20 days (Alot of time on reducing the details)
Compile Time : App. 2.5 Hours on a PIII 450 - bsp-file (FullVis, -light -extra)
App. 40 minutes - aas-file
Editor used : Q3Radiant 202
Beta testers : Pengo8, PwR900, Synaps, MeanLean.
Known Bugs : Not much I hope :). Some sparks/glitters here and there on some
graphic cards.

------------Pak File Contents---------

: maps/dubbilan2.bsp

: scripts/dubbilan2.arena

: levelshots/dubbilan2.jpg

: sound/world/dubbilan2/drumloop.wav

: textures/tuto/dubscreen/letters1-5.tga
/sky/blue- & brownclouds.jpg

: dubbilan2.txt


13/Sep/2000 :: Reverberation : Original (Competition) Release

09/Sep/2000 :: Blood Portal : Second Realease


Copyright (c) 2000 Dubbilan,
All rights reserved

Feel free to distribute this file in any electronic form, as long as proper
credit is given and the contents remains unaltered, and this text file has
not been edited in any way.
You may not alter, edit or use the map as a base to build additional levels.
The included textures remain the property of their respective owners.
The Battle Drum sound remain the property of Dubbilan and may not be used to
anything but playing Quake3, without permission of the author!
This file may not be commercially exploited in any way.

feedback or comments, email me at: **email removed**