Hot and Moist
by pjw
Hot and Moist by pjw
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#21   16 Jul 2020
Like KommissarReb, I nearly gave this a 3.5. The issue really is with item placement. I'm guessing that maybe the mapped reviewed is an earlier version of the one available for download (???) because the RL is easy to grab (a strafe jump away), and it is the sg that is out of the way (unless you spawn here). The level for me is weighted in favour of the GL area. From here you can control the GL, LG, and RL plus a 50 health and the RA (via teleporter). All the spawn points are controllable from here too except the one by the sg (but whoever spawns here has only the sg to grab, and a precariously placed 25h). The player controlling the gl section can also easily control both the exit points. While this spawn location does allow access to the RA (if it isn't taken) this makes for a very uneven map that seriously disadvantages the downplayer. Initial spawn leads to fight for control of the upper gl section and surrounds and once this area is taken the opponent is at a serious disadvantage (though it is not impossible to make a comeback). I would like to have seen the sg area better used (maybe an armour or rg where the ammo boxes and sg are) and pg or sg in the middle area where the staircases meet. Having said all that the layout and connectivity is amazing: enough to keep one interested in spite of its flaws. I like that you can shoot through the grated walks.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2304
#20   12 Jul 2012
This map is great for duels, much less DM. With 6 players it gets cramped, and there isn't much room or time to think about what to do when you respawn with a grenade or rocket flying into your face.

I love the aesthetics that the author put in. The rain, puddles, and the map breaking from Hell trying to pry it open looks really good considering the map is from 2000. I think people should play this one more. 3.5
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#19   12 Jul 2012
''Heavy Rain'' (PS3 Game) is what the map reminds me of. It's full of pouring rain and contians brilliant features. Brilliant gameplay also. I love the way a rocket is hot through the hallways in the middle of the rain it actually does give a good effect. 8.5/10
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Qu3BuS unregistered
#18   08 Feb 2001
I don't see any rain :-/

But I do see great gameplay!

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not entered unregistered
#17   20 Jan 2001
but this is gothic done right. :)
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Joe unregistered
#16   10 Dec 2000
so tired of gothic
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pjw unregistered
#15   02 Oct 2000
Thanks Tyre, glad you liked it! The steam was actually a suggestion from one of my fine beta testers . . . this map is a lot better then it would have been without them. :-)
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Tyre unregistered
#14   01 Oct 2000
One of the best maps posted here recently - good stuff. Note the way the lava is turning the rain into steam - a little detail that might not be spotted.
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pjw unregistered
#13   24 Sep 2000
elvis--did you try upping your LOD to see the rain? (I realize that's not exactly what you want to do if your machine is chugging already :-( --and I'm curious what your system specs are? I'm trying to figure out some consistency re: people not seeing the rain. Re: lagging--if you work at it pretty hard, you can get r_speeds over 10000 (~10,500) in one spot (standing in the middle of the cave with your back to the wall, being able to see the upper room and the courtyard), but that's actually a little less then some id levels in spots . . . course the rain adds to it a bit . . . :-)

In any case, thanks for the compliments and the feedback!

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elvis unregistered
#12   24 Sep 2000
well not much has changed, but the new additions to the map suit it well.

i like the map very much and the teleporter,
but i would like to add that you do need a good processor to really enjoy this map
thats why this map doesnt compare to the id maps...because of the lag:)

yeah and i dont see the rain either, i can only here it.
i wouldnt keep this map on my hard drive for long, but it is burned so i can use it on my gigahz. monster machine , when i get it:)
oh and pjw this was also my first custiom map dld since the new point release,
which is preatty iLL in ctf mode
though id could do better than that! assists are cool:)

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pjw unregistered
#11   23 Sep 2000
Thanks for the compliments and votes guys; I'm glad you like the map! Hopefully, I can still get my head through the door. ;-)

Hey SiCdeth, I feel honored! :-)

If the rain doesn't show up for you, try upping your level of detail--that's worked for some people (although it still just flat doesn't show up for some people too . . . dammit . . . I'm pretty sure some vidio cards just don't like it.)

If anyone out there doesn't see the rain initially, and then manages to make it show up, please either post here, or e-mail me, and let me know what you did, so I can pass it along to anyone that has problems!

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SiCdeth unregistered
#10   23 Sep 2000
well i hope the rain textures work this time around..

i know for a fact the final will be good, becuase i have been with this map since its beginning on the q3w boards.

feel honored pjw, this is my first custom map since my reinstall because of that crappy new point release!

*ah, i remember my first ever downloaded custom map.. addict by peej, got lucky on the first one :)

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excessus unregistered
#9   22 Sep 2000
at last a rainy map!! you wouldn´t believe how much i have been begging for this! and it´s a cool one too! woopee!!!!
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#8   22 Sep 2000
I too tried this bitch in beta...with the layout as connected as it is, seriously intense matches can be had with no trouble at all. Can you say respawn smackdown?

LAN matches in maps like this usually are accompanied with laughter since the players are having fun gibbing everything in sight.

Wicked rain and sound effects in a wicked little map.

Me rikey, rikey! Good job pjw.

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elvis unregistered
#7   22 Sep 2000
cool i played the final beta version. the portals and gameplay kicked ass but some of the items could have been placed better .. anyway downloading now.

i will score it later.

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| Wiz | unregistered
#6   21 Sep 2000
I remember this one when it was in beta form. Still great, and is one I keep coming back to for that "one last game of the night". Great work pjw.

I would give it a 9.8, but you can't do that, so I'll round for you. 10/10 =)

| Wiz |

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Tymo unregistered
#5   21 Sep 2000
it reminds me a little of quake1 (imo q1 is still the best dm-shooter :) ). the rain and the textures make this gloomy atmosphere i like. good job pjw.
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pjw unregistered
#4   21 Sep 2000
Thanks a lot for the feedback, folks! I enjoy making these things anyway, but I enjoy it even more when I know that people like what I have done.


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skelekin unregistered
#3   21 Sep 2000
Simply fanatastic job on the atmosphere. I love the ominous feel the level has with the rain shader and the rain and thunder sounds. Awesome.

Gameplay is frenetic as hell. Very fast (and that's a good thing). One of my new favorite tourney levels for sure. Great work pjw!

Score: 9

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Johnny Law unregistered
#2   21 Sep 2000
Ayup, the use of sound cues was something I liked a lot about this map.

Small, fast, interconnected map. If you're in the mood for that style -- and why wouldn't you be now and then? :-) -- check this one out, it's a solid and fun example of that "school".

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GrindSpire unregistered
#1   21 Sep 2000
A cool looking/themed map, fun to play in 3 player FFA, and the sound cues from the puddles are very useful. A very nice level. I like, I like.
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