Crossed Paths
Crossed Paths by Drunken Boxer
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raspatan Rep. 4390
#23   09 Oct 2020
A childhood classic and a favourite in the servers I used to play! It later became ospctf2. No wonder why. It has all a great ctf map needs. The usual strategy for quick flag attack was entering from above, escaping from below and taking the teleport for a dramatic final run back to the base hoping someone in the middle would provide RG support. Great memories!
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Emma Indoril Rep. 127
#22   29 Sep 2017
Love this map. Many tactics, roads, traps, the gameplay is fast, and the bots play fine.
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Pretty good!
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Dr_Watson unregistered
#20   22 Jun 2001
too bad there is a hole in the map that people exploit as a hiding spot... totally lame...

i love the map, but that hole has gotta be fixed.

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not entered unregistered
#19   27 Mar 2001
cool map design and layout
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hannibal unregistered
#18   14 Feb 2001
The updated version is all good baby, a delight. Make more please, good ctf maps are hard to come by.
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not entered unregistered
#17   02 Feb 2001
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TJZ-Tiger unregistered
#16   23 Jan 2001
great job DB!!!

sweeeeeet. map

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not entered unregistered
#15   31 Oct 2000
too easy to nail them on the bridges, or to push them off with a rocket blast. may be part of the design, just not my cup o'tea
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Drunken Boxer unregistered
#14   31 Oct 2000
There are less weapons in the middle with the alternate version (dboxctf2a).
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not entered unregistered
#13   30 Oct 2000
Seems really fast. Too many weapons for the middle.
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FooL unregistered
#12   28 Sep 2000
Very nice. Little skimpy on the health. Maybe a 50 there under the stairs in the flag room.

Bounce pad on bottom level to take you to middle level in common gound would have also been nice. But, it was good the way it was. Allows for up/down movement quickly.

Overall, if you like CTF, you'll like this map.

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sponk unregistered
#11   28 Sep 2000
this is one sweet ctf map, alot better than the ones id supplied with Q3a.the only major gripe i have about it is the armour placements,you can collect both armours as there on the bottom floor of your would have been alot better if DB had placed 1 YA in each base and a RA on the path between the RG's,but that would have its drawbacks due to the teleporters, if there werent any Tporters then the RA would have been a challenge to get to.

G map all the same

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weasel unregistered
#10   27 Sep 2000
one of the best ctf maps ive seen...very good job. 10/10 :)
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Mr Do unregistered
#9   27 Sep 2000
Great piece of work! It's purty and plays good, too. What more could one ask for?
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TimmyC unregistered
#8   23 Sep 2000
I like it a lot. I've only played a few matches, (I'm goin in for some more later :) ) but Im impressed. I especially like the Railgun area.. mmm I love my rail
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777 unregistered
#7   21 Sep 2000
I liked this map too DB..Plus we havent seen you at the Sunday custom CTF tour in awhile..join in 'bro
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Drunken Boxer unregistered
#6   21 Sep 2000
Thank you all for the good words. :)

Credit must also be given to the beta testers and fellow mappers from the Quake3World Level Editing forum for all their help.

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Octovus unregistered
#5   21 Sep 2000
Well, I liked it when I got it...and I still like it.

That is, I got it from the LvL beta section =)

Don't have much time but I can say it's still great! Even better with the Q3 Mod Invasion (I'm only pimping it for personal reasons <g>) so get this and Invasion NOW!

(Lmao...seriously, it's a great map though!)

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Johnny Law unregistered
#4   21 Sep 2000
This map seems a lot more in tune with Q3CTF than most others.

We used this as MOTW on the Mothership CTF server recently, so if you want a little more info on the map you can go here: kitty1.stanford.ed...w_dboxctf2.html

That includes a link to a forum post where I recap my thoughts about the map, so I won't re-type them here.

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tprs {triad} unregistered
#3   21 Sep 2000
Interesting layout. The teleporters in the middle are a nice twist. Middle is a snipers dream for the RG. hehe

Nice job. :-)

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suckmonkey unregistered
#2   21 Sep 2000
Very good map. I haven't played it enough to offer any serious criticism yet, but on first glance it looks very nice.
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pu§hy unregistered
#1   21 Sep 2000
nice map...gameplay is good IMO...although the review said that bot play is easier...I don't think so...almost all of the CTF maps I played are easy even at nightmare...this map gave me a harder's either that or it's juz that I always seem to be lost b'coz I haven't memorized the map yet ;)
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