Crossed Paths

Title Crossed Paths
Filename dboxctf2.pk3
Release Date 08/18/2000
Author Daniel "Drunken Boxer" Lanicek
Email Address **email removed**

Extract the .zip file to the baseq3 folder under your Quake3Arena folder.

A CTF map designed for teams of 3 - 5 players.

Known Bugs/Omissions

- None.


Play Information

Game Quake3Arena
Bot Match Yes, .aas file included
Capture The Flag Yes
Deathmatch No

pk3 Information

BSP Name maps/dboxctf2.bsp
Levelshots levelshots/dboxctf2.jpg
Arena file scripts/dboxctf2.arena
Shader file scripts/dboxctf2.shader
Texture files textures/dbox/*


Please send comments, suggestions, and problems to my email address listed above.



You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels or modify it in anyway.

You MAY NOT distribute this PK3 commercially or on CD_ROM without my WRITTEN
permission. This .pk3 may be distributed over the Internet and/or BBS systems (are
these still around?!) as long as the ORIGINAL (this) text file is included in the .zip file.