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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#42   10 Jan 2012
One of the best snow designed maps i have ever seen! 10/10.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#41   06 Jun 2011
Dead of Winter by Jax_Gator looked very similar to this map. Especially in the screenshot.
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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#40   07 Mar 2010
Amazing attention to detail, right down to the icicles. The atmosphere is so pervasive that one might be advised to wear some additional clothing if playing in a room that is already a bit nippy. I would truly welcome a larger version of this map. Senn, congratulations on a map well done.
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аваук unregistered
#39   14 Aug 2009
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72 Rep. 0
#38   10 May 2007
One of the best 1vs1 maps 10/10
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Frosty unregistered
#37   07 Jul 2002
Ok, all u ppl, cut the crap with the frame rate. i have 256mb of sdram and a kyro2 64mb edition with anD duron 900. on this map i get about 70 to 80fps. all the settings are on highest with 1024x768 and it gets 80fps. so stop wineing and Get playing.

Anyway. Senn this map rocks. 10 of 10. the ice is phat, and because of that i have taught myself about shaders(thanks man)

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tyler unregistered
#36   01 Jun 2001
plz e-mail me someone at tman_trek i downlaod the map but it wont show up in game
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gorilla unregistered
#35   22 Jan 2001
whoooo. This map is some baaaaaad stuff. This *&#%$ing rocks, Senn. Thank goodness there's a few mappers out there making works that really stand out, maps that play well AND have a distinct look and feel to them. I feel the temperature drop when I play this one.

Layout is really strong, I seem to always go through every inch of this thing when I'm in the middle of a battle. Touches like jumping the gap for the red armour and dropping down for the yellow just add a few more elements of fun. The ice speaks for itself. The textures rule.

This is a memorable map that plays fast and furious and I'm glad I have it in my collection.

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Dragonne{TRIAD} unregistered
#34   20 Jan 2001
OK, everyone with bad framerates, get real hardware. I have a PIII 700, 133Mhz FSB, 160MB PC133, GEForce2GTS, 800x600, 32bit texts and depth, picmip 0. I get 100 average FPS everywhere in this map except the stair area where it hits around 80.

NOTE: The guy with the good FPS in this map on the Voodoo2 wins the tweak contest of the year, period. :)

Senn, I haven't commented on your maps before, so I'll hit them all now real fast as you'll probaly read this.

SennDM1: Great layout, good play, but I didn't like the pinkish tone to it. I also got gothic sick real fast(in general, not from this map). Great map though, my personal prefs aside.

SennDM2: My personal favorite without a doubt. I run it on my DM Custom Map clan server along with several other custom maps. Excellent map for 4 to 10 players. (No, it doesn't get too crowded!)

SennDM3: It looked awesome(love the Geiger-esque look) but played OK. The closeness of the armor and a few tight ledges bugged me. It was also the start of a trend towards small maps...

Q3Stuff: The current map. Man, I love it. I like the slick areas(great effect), and that ice texture looks incredible! The frame rate is definitely good enough. There is one problem... I tried 5 players in it, and it's too small. 4 is even tight with one player suffering at the hands of the other 3. This is definitely a 3 player or a 1v1 map. Small again. :(

Senn, If I have a future suggestion for you it would be for larger maps with 6-8 player support.

Your creations generally have great gameplay, and look incredible. I want to run more of your maps on my DM server, but the player count averages around 6-8, so most are too small. :(



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RawShark unregistered
#33   22 Nov 2000
Well, since I awarded this map 1st prize in the Quake3Stuff map competition, I suppose I better leave a comment saying how damn nice it is! Senn definately deserved the GeForce2 GTS that we sent him. Regarding framerates - you ppl seem to be totally obsessed with something that doesn't really make a goddam difference! I use an ATI Rage Pro (whick sux to high heaven)on a 350 mhz machine with 800x600 resolution and the graphics all turned way down - and this map still play (and looks) really well. Maybe you guys should quit half of the 50 million background processes you have going on before sitting down to play :)


<a href="www.quake3stuff.com" target="_blank">www.quake3stuff.com</a>

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#32   29 Sep 2000
Sweet texturing.

Sweet layout.

I could strafe jump around the entire map on both levels.

It's well connected.

Sweet map.

10 out of 10.

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RRRÕÕÕAAARRR unregistered
#31   24 Sep 2000
OK, just to throw my 20 cents' worth into the debate - PIII 600, 128Mb RAM, TNT2Ultra, running at 600x800 in 16 bit. Looks fine to me! Anyway... this level looks great, and runs fine, but I have to admit the gameplay wasn't desperately amazing. Feels a bit like a version of Q3DM4 to me... but the textures are lovely, especially to a cold weather nut like me ( cue a quick chorus of Mayhem's "Freezing Moon" ), so worth the d/l. Maybe a few more varied areas, in terms of terrain and size/shape of hall/corridor?

Shiver me timbers: 8/10

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Bullsiarcher unregistered
#30   22 Sep 2000
running a pentium 3 450 overclocked at 558, 256 mb's of ram and a voodoo 3000 overclocked 183 mhz res. 1024 by 768 16 bit. runs beautifully, looks wonderful, enjoy the slippery change of pace, do not change a thing, we all need more games with this kind of originality. This sets the bar for more imaginative and inventive levels in the near future. Love your work and hope to see more work from others inspired by your unique perspectives. Thank You respectively, Bulls.
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Hubster unregistered
#29   22 Sep 2000
Re: Senn - framerates

My system configuration is as follows

PIII 600e, 128Mb RAM

Asus P3V4X flashed with latest BIOS

VIA 4-in-1's 4.24

Sounblaster live / v2.0

Geforce DDR w/Det III, no FSAA, no VSYNC

Win98 (shell swapped with 95) (saves ram!!!)

256Mb permanant swapfile on seperate partition


cg_gibs 0

dynamic lights off

com_blood 1

com_maxfps 200

ejecting brass off

cg_shadows 0

GL Extensions on.

Res: 1024 x 768 x 32bpp

91.2fps timedemo demo001

If I want to "play serious gaming" I usually drop to 16bpp.

640 x 480??? ACK! :-)

Im pretty finicky with running my system well I might add. Im not into running pretty desktop wallpapers, and having extra background processes (eg Norton things etc etc)...

As far as tweaking goes, Ive been Quaking since Quake1 came out, and Ive always turned settings down for speed.

At the moment I have Q3 running pretty while still yielding good framerates....

Hope this info helps your analysis... ?

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Senn unregistered
#28   22 Sep 2000
The Hubster:

what resolution and color depth are you playing at?

For serious gaming I would recommend dropping it all the way down to 640x480 16bit color. Even on my GeForce2 GTS at work, I run with those settings to get optimal performance when we are playing.

There are also a whole load of tweaks you use to get those extra frames. Too many to list here, but check around Planetquake, I know they have some speed tweak sites.

With a GeForce DDR you should not drop below 60-70fps at any given moment in normal gameplay (not counting noclipping and flying up into the corners).

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not entered unregistered
#27   21 Sep 2000
Seen it, done it.
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Manex unregistered
#26   20 Sep 2000
Great map Senn! The slip slide'n is cool. It kinda reminded me of the old mario brothers game =)! The map adds a different level of game play and item placement is good.

All Senn maps are great maps!

I am trying to figure Q3R out myself with little success right now =( but I’m working on it. I have no maps yet.

Again, Senn great maps! Keep up the good work.

I give it an 8!!

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The Hubster unregistered
#25   20 Sep 2000
Great level Senn.

Like several others here, I too have had some framerate probs with your level.

I have a PIII 600e, 128Mb and a Geforce DDR, and I drop to 30fps in some places.

And Im running the latest drivers for my entire machine, including the Detonator 3's. VSYNC off, etc etc the works.

Any ideas?

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xfoo unregistered
#24   20 Sep 2000
i like the slip slide'n on the ice... but with cpm shaft my duel partners tend to slip off em to easily ;p

/// xfoo

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Johnny Law unregistered
#23   20 Sep 2000
Bad nunuk... two wrongs don't make a left.

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nunuk unregistered
#22   20 Sep 2000
senn deserves more than this actual score!! i'll have to add a 10.
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Senn unregistered
#21   20 Sep 2000
Damn. No one likes slip slide'n around on the ice? =)

/me gives up

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Sehlio unregistered
#20   20 Sep 2000
I like the look of the level alot, bots sucked hard though as has been stated already. In fact senn you should make another ra3 map with this texture set, it would probably look pretty sweet. I want more ra3 maps =] but anyway...

About the fps hit some ppl are talking about. I have a p3 500, 192 megs of ram and a voodoo3 3500 and i didnt once drop below 60 and i only dipped that low on the stairs by the LG about a third of the way up. I dont know why it happened there but everywhere else i was always above 100. Yes my graphics look like ass but thats ok... =]

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4Fuxache unregistered
#19   19 Sep 2000
pretty neat map I reckon, don't like the slippery shit though
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MEet-CEes unregistered
#18   19 Sep 2000
i like the cold. winters soming so this maps a wake up call to your car getting stuck in snow.

i agree the bots suck but not this map they suck in general. bot map navigation. bot map navigation.

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not entered unregistered
#17   19 Sep 2000
Looks like this map is already falling victim to the childish twits that like to purposely vote down maps...

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Natestah unregistered
#16   18 Sep 2000
This map rocks!! I didn't like the slick spots at first but got used to them being there and learned to avoid them.
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nitin unregistered
#15   18 Sep 2000
Lovely map, I dont mind the slick sopts at all, allows a different gameplay IMO.

But the framerates do chug near those stairs like visitor said. I'm running a 32 meg Matrox G400 at 80060032 on a p3733 with 128 meg ram BTW.

About an 8 I think.

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visitor unregistered
#14   18 Sep 2000
Sorry I should have mentioned my config. I am running det6.26 drivers. Res = 800x600x16bit. Other then that, the texture detail did not make a difference, I have dynamic lighting off. Humm what else. Maybe I will include a demo if you are intreasted? Like I said it is really just those two areas. The two sets of steps.



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xfoo unregistered
#13   18 Sep 2000
i love senn's maps, as well as some others (wdw, bal) but i have a question... senn, i wouldnt mind joining your beta 'team' and make some suggestions (i didnt notice it in the beta area of lvl).

is there anyway i could do that?

/// xfoo

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Death2Uall unregistered
#12   18 Sep 2000
No frame rate problems here AT ALL.

Celeron 333@500

64MB Prophet II

128MB's PC-100

I ran it at 1024x768x32, picmip 0 and texture compression OFF and it still ran excellent. That's either a testament to Senn's mapping ability or this new video card really just kicks that much ass. :)

I like the layout. Games with three people worked out just fine (I have played this online). Bots do tend to get hung up on the slick spots but how often they do it depends on the bot. If you're having problems, try a different one.

The slick spots didn't really bother me much online. What did bother me was placing items on top of them. The YA can be easily gotten by jumping down from above which will usually make you slip off very quickly so you're not vulnerable for very long but just jumping up to it can cause you to get hung up for a sec. That jump to get the YA can be done a lot easier with the new 125hz mod by the way.

The armor shards etc. that are on some of the other slick surfaces seem almost like a trap to me. I don't touch them at all. Instead I just wait for someone else to go for them and then take advantage of their lack of manueverability.

Overall, I like it. Nice layout, excellent texturing, lighting is spot on and it has a great sense of atmosphere. I wouldn't want to play it in a serious tourney because of the slick spots but, for your average game online, it rocks.

Score: 8.5 (but since I can't do that, I'll give it a 9).

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SiCdeth unregistered
#11   18 Sep 2000
Senn, is by far my favorite mapper, i like his interesting concepts.

this map definitely deserves the geforce(whichever one it is)

it seems a little tight to me. but it plays well. i really wish i could play some Senn maps online. my framerates were perfect i dont know why anyone would have any problems.

amd k6-2 450

64mb ram


win98 1st

all i can say is wow! great job Senn and keep up the good work.

gets an 8

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Johnny Law unregistered
#10   18 Sep 2000
Thumbs down on the slick spots here too. More annoying than interesting.

The map looks good, and unique.

The layout and the way it plays is... solid, but it really hasn't grabbed me yet as being special/interesting in some way. I dunno, maybe my expectations were too high.

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nunuk unregistered
#9   18 Sep 2000
nice. i give an 8. this kind of cold snowy atmosphere is really something new and innovative.


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Senn unregistered
#8   18 Sep 2000
Hmmm... I dont understand. What resolution are you people running at? With a TNT2 you should be fine.

If you want speed then lower your res and color depth and turn down some detail!

I ran this map on a TNT2 Model 64 (non ultra, budget TNT2) and my framerates were perfectly acceptable.

I like to add all the pretty details into my maps so it looks nice, but for serious gameplay, you have to turn down the visuals.

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visitor unregistered
#7   18 Sep 2000
First off I will say I like the map overall and that it is very neat. I love the ice and theme.

With that said, there are two problem spots that I notice on the map. The two sets of stairs. The one in the screenshot above is one of them. There are a ton of polys there. On my machine I get a whooping frame rate of 24!! as I climb the stairs. I have a Celeron 525, 256Mb ram, and a TnT2U. This makes it unplayable for me.

I guess that if I had a real video card it would run well?

Well with out the stairs, it is a great map.

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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#6   18 Sep 2000
Yes, another real solid excellent looking map from senn.

I too had no probs with fps or bots (@than: you're right: Q3A bots suck), but I didn't like the slicky rocks. It's just disturbing gameflow when going for certain items.

Hmm, I would have liked a little more ambient sounds to enhance the cold atmosphere.

A really good map you will enjoy playing with your friends!

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than unregistered
#5   18 Sep 2000
The map ran reasonably well on my athlon 700 tnt2 (non-ultra) although a few places it dropped to about 40fps (which to me feels fine).

I am happy to report that I had a good time playing it with bots. Perhaps this is because I just kept killing them with no real trouble because q3 bots suck so much ass (and it's not just this map, they just suck). I didn't notice too much sticking around the snow slope and the map seemed to flow pretty well with them.

The level also looks great. Nice work Senn.


p.s. where do you work taht gives you an athlon 800/geforce 2 combo? :)

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Senn unregistered
#4   18 Sep 2000
Are you SURE those are your system specs and you didnt happen to run the map on say... a P2 266 with 64 RAM? =)

I was getting 60+ fps on a P3 450 with 256 RAM, GeForce DDR, and over 140 fps (!!!!) on my Athlon 800, 256 RAM, GeForce2 at work!

There should be no slowdown... i made sure of it. r_speeds are realitivly low (i cut back on detail in many places to lower it a bit). Try downloading some new drivers and give it a go again.

Anyway, thanks for the comments =)

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Catwalk unregistered
#3   18 Sep 2000
Yes, yes, yes.... cool, but bot play is a total FLOP - all bots remain stuck in the snow slope (see leveshot) :(
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J33ves unregistered
#2   18 Sep 2000
I think this leve has a very "cool" original concept (heheh, couldn't resist) but any level that brings a Dual P3 600/ NT/ 256M RAM/ GeForce machine to 34 fps in spots while just running around looking IMHO can't really give great gameplay no matter how good it looks.

The original concept is wonderful and brings somethign "fresh" to typical DM maps, so again, great job on that!

A+ for concept

A for looks

D- for chugging my machine so badly...

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DaZ unregistered
#1   30 Nov -0001
Wow. This map is damn good. It plays amazingly and runs smooth even on myD 333 with voodoo 2. Bots play excellently and the snow scenery works vrey well. Remove the slippery surfaces and I'll give it a 10 :-)
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