by Senn

Title: Quake3Stuff
Original Title: Iced Earth
MapFilename: quake3stuff.bsp

Author : Adam "Senn" Bellefeuil
Email Address: **email removed**
Website: www.planetquake.com/senn/

Other Works: Kingpin DM - Hello City
Quake 2 CTF - Mission Base
Quake 2 DM - Up Yours
Quake 2 DM - Breakpoint
Quake 3 DM - Agony & Ecstasy (senndm1)
Quake 3 DM - Mindfields (t8dm6)
Quake 3 DM - Falling Higher (senndm2)

Map Type: Deathmatch 2-4 players
Map description : Well, I had a nice fat fully custom textured lava/factory themed level going for the Q3Stuff.Com level design contest but due to a power failure during
the backup of my hard drive, its gone for good (i cried... twice). Anyway, I had this texture set all ready to go from a previous project and put this together in a few weeks
in time for the contest.

Thanks to : id software, without you guys this would not exist
Special Thanks: Natestah for making me redo the cheesy ice shader =)


***** Construction *****

Base: New level from scratch
Editor used: Q3Radiant
Known Bugs: None. Please notify me if you find anything.
Build Time: ~ 2 weeks
Compile machine: P3 450 / 256 RAM
Compile Times: Not too long... I was lazy and didnt record this time around


***** Usage *****

1. place quake3stuff.pk3 in your baseq3 directory
2. run Q3A and at the console type "/map quakestuff"

If you have any difficulty running the map, try typing "/sv_pure 0" at the console first.