Toxic Skirmish
Toxic Skirmish by Wiebo de Wit
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Vicarious Rep. 158
#10   28 Feb 2018
Typically I dislike smaller maps but this one is put together beautifully, great weapon placement and superb bot play. Love it.
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FragTastic Rep. 2251
#9   09 Jan 2012
Loving the slime. Plus loving the map name coz its renamed after my Q3 Name Toxic.. Its a fun map and lots of carnage.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#8   03 Jul 2011
I remember the saying:
Just because its green, doesn't mean its safe to swim in.

Yes. I've learned my lesson long ago. Nice map. Reminds me of Quake 2 a little....

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Qu3BuS unregistered
#7   18 Feb 2001
nice map but my running speed feels slow for some reason (??).. it's not choppy, bogging down only in certain places or happening during heavy action - it's steady throughout (like running under water)
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Hi-C unregistered
#6   24 Sep 2000
Nice looking, as all de Wit's maps are. Didn't really grab me with gameplay, mainly because fps dropped considerably in places.
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Tyre unregistered
#5   20 Sep 2000
Like the outflow pipe; not so keen on the rest.

1) This looks much too bright and shiny to give any sense of a toxic waste plant. All that green stuff could just as well be creme de menthe; it doesn't look sinister at all. In Doom slime looked like slime! It might have looked better here if there was more of a drop to the liquid surface.

2) Too many teleports for such a small level - spoils the play, in my opinion. It means that ultimately the layout is not a good one.

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Deathmonger unregistered
#4   19 Sep 2000
Kinda cool in 1on1, though the central 3rd floor is too much the key to success in this map.
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JANTJE SMIT unregistered
#3   19 Sep 2000
Deze maps is echt wel vet, want de maker ervan, Wiebo de Wit, komt uit Nederland!!! Dus...


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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#2   18 Sep 2000
Well, really a nice one. You really got some very nice details in this goody!
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[44]ooze unregistered
#1   18 Sep 2000
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