by Tymo
Desolation by Tymo
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raspatan Rep. 4134
#17   13 Jun 2020
Might be fun with a human but bots are terrible. They don't go for any weapon.
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Martinus Rep. 562
#16   16 Apr 2016
A bit small, but very likeable map. I like it.
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Heretic//Entomb/Fish unregistered
#15   01 Oct 2004
So many years past since I had this map, then I lost it and forgot its now, now I found it again, It is the best quake 3 arena map I have ever seen! I have emailed you (Tymo) VERY long time ago, about a year or even two. Time flies so fast, regards,


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tymo unregistered
#14   29 May 2001
thanks to all of you even mom!

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Mom unregistered
#13   15 Apr 2001
I think this one is terrific!!!
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ty unregistered
#12   15 Apr 2001
hey mom here it is
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Q-Fraggel unregistered
#11   17 Sep 2000
Very nice map! Yes the bottom is a little too tight but the feel of the lvl is really nice. Layout is good, too. One that will stay on my harddisk :)
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excessus unregistered
#10   17 Sep 2000
very nice map: layout, items placement, ambience and flow being well balanced towards a very enjoyable experience. On 4-FFA it sure is very fast paced, my fav choice.
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Crapule unregistered
#9   15 Sep 2000
Excellent little map ! It remembers me my best tourneys on Beatbox or, more recently, lost Forever...

I'll wait for your next map !

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Tymo unregistered
#8   15 Sep 2000
Thanks for your comments :) ...
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#7   14 Sep 2000
Man, what a beautiful map. Everything has a warm, polished feel to it.

Gameplay was intense and grabbing the rocket launcher usually evoked the wrath of Uriel.

Hunter, that bitch, showed me the finer points of electrocution.

The rooftops are wickedly connected on their own, as well as complementing a cool layout for the map overall.

It did seem a bit cramped in some areas and I smacked my head trying to use a bouncepad or two but nothing too serious.

Wicked effort. A very fast, intense playground.

I give it an 9.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   13 Sep 2000
Fun cross between DM and arena play. Kinda like Lost Forever in some ways.

Yes, Hunter is a beeyotch on this map, she had me down for a while until the rail started cooking. :-)

Good stuff for a quick fragging fix.

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Dagwit unregistered
#5   13 Sep 2000
This small map cunningly invokes our memories of Lloyd Morris's Ancient Archipelago (lloydmdm2) to give it an instant air of quality. In fact it's not quite so elaborately drawn, but it's certainly good enough to prevent the imitation seeming like a travesty. And the layout works the magic of making the limited possibilies of a hollow box seem challengingly complex.

The bots put up a very stiff resistance on this map: partly it's Hunter with her LG who always gives me a hard time, partly it's the three-dimensionality of the map which poses an extra challenge for humans but not for bots, and partly, I think, the way that sightlines open and close as I and the bots move about (ditto). My play was mostly diving for the RL and duking it out in the lower reaches, but that is a beautifully open roofscape and I couldn't resist the odd visit.

A memorable little map: I downloaded it over a hundred maps ago yet, seeing it appear on ..::LvL, I could remember it like it was the last but three.

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nimrod unregistered
#4   13 Sep 2000
this is one damn fine (tourney-) map (IMHO) - 9


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pjw unregistered
#3   13 Sep 2000
I love the tight little area in the bottom--it looks good, and it makes you decide how badly you want that RL. ;-)

I also like the jumppad in the middle that allows you to pick a direction (e.g. either jumpramp, RG, regen, etc.). Really good connectivity and layout in this one for the most part. I like that there are three different ways to get the regen, but none of them are really easy.

Nice job, Tymo!

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Blitzz unregistered
#2   13 Sep 2000
Love this map! I never ran into r_speeds problems here and I had pretty good fun with the three bots. The lower part is indeed a bit small but that what makes it frantic

8, looking forward to next map

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warmachine unregistered
#1   13 Sep 2000
very nice box map; gets a little tight for my liking down the bottom, i love the upper part on the roof,and the sky, mountains, and water look great very nice job tymo look forword to some more maps from you :) happy fraggen


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