Inflammable by FergusDog
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FergusDog unregistered
#4   11 Sep 2000
Playing this map without a T&L graphics card on 1024x768 with maximum graphics settings is probably not a good idea...

There is no need for any more hint brushes, I played around with them and r_showtris shows me that vis worked fine. Everything is clipped as well. I added bot_roam entities, so bots should roam the level fine (they do at least, when I play it)...

I have the suspicion that the shadows of the bots might kill the framerate as shadows are a big framerate killer. I play on 640x400 with medium graphics settings (Celeron400, TNT) and the map plays ok. I had the vis info disabled accidently a while ago and the map was still playable.

Anyhow, I probably update the map with position markers for freeze tag, so I'll have a look if there is a speed related problem with the bots.

Thanks for your feedback!

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warmachine unregistered
#3   11 Sep 2000
hi fergusdog

i have a geforce 2 gts and p11 433 with 128 ram i played it with 3 bots some parts of the map gets a little lag but not much, with fps i get between 40 to 90 most of the time its around 70 fps over all the map plays pretty good, you have put a lot of work in the map, im not a big fan of tight maps not saying there is anything rong with the map i give it 6 out of ten but give you 8.5 for the good work well done look forward to your next map, you do better than me i still havent made a map,ive been lazy lol, happy fraggen :)

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Niptlar unregistered
#2   11 Sep 2000
System specs: p3 450

Voodoo 3 2000 (worth $60?)

128 MB RAM

1024 x 768 with maximum graphic settings

Without any players running around, my framerate lingered around 40 fps and actually stayed above 34 fps. However, when I dumped in bots, the frames tanked into the 10s. It appears to me that the level needed to hint brushes and clipping to help the bots roam the level more efficeintly.

The item placement is pretty good, but the automatic weapons could have been afforded some extra lovin' (more ammo clips).

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FergusDog unregistered
#1   10 Sep 2000
Thanks for the review.

I guess I got a little bit carried away with the details, but the level doesn't play too bad on my system (and I have an old TNT) although it does lag a bit. I'd like too hear from any GeForce owners on how this level plays...

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