Hpak by }{ammer
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#7   08 Oct 2000
Hctf2 is nice, great architecture and many cool details. Gameplay is ok.
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FergusDog unregistered
#6   16 Sep 2000
Hi Hammer:

Not very friendly, is it?

Being a mapper myself I know what you are feeling and want to sympathise. I actually haven't downloaded your map (having a slow modem), but from the screenshot and the review I can tell that you put a lot of effort into your maps. A rating of 2 seems ridiculous. I just ask myself how some people rate those ugly box maps...

Keep up your work and don't let those ridiculous ratings get to you.

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}{ammer unregistered
#5   14 Sep 2000
Well now, I am normally a very rational adult. But I can see that some people need to be set straight. I dont know who the hell gave me a score of "2", but who ever you are, can bite my ass! Have you no idea what kind of effort it takes to make a map, have you no idea, of the pain it takes to compile a big map. Do you have any idea at all the effort in just making a PAK file. My god a freaking "2", did you not see the buggy I made in the hanger of hdm1. My god that alone deserves a 5 or better. You are some lo life S.O.B. who has no idea what it takes to make a map. You know i do this in my spare time, for fun. I do have a full time job, girlfriend, and try to play games too. So someone to have the balls to give someone a "2" is soooo low. I do this for myself and the community. But even if it's not your favorite typ of map, DO NOT KNOCK the technical merrit of the map. I worked hard on it. I been mapping for a couple of years. This doesnt come easy. Who ever gave me a "2"... BITE ME!!
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Johnny Law unregistered
#4   10 Sep 2000
Which, hctf2? I don't remember hctf1 being like that.

Guess I'll find out sooner or later... still downloading...

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]Pm[keshian unregistered
#3   10 Sep 2000
This map will never see competitve play due to the fact that there is only 1 entrance and its a long hallway...you get the flag you're never leaving :)
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Johnny Law unregistered
#2   10 Sep 2000
It generally seems a bit risky to distribute maps in packs, since if people don't like all or most of the maps in the pack, they may not keep it, even if one of the maps is pretty good.

Packs would also suck for autodownload, if id ever made that usable.

Anyway, though, I'm glad he did a fix up job on hctf1... I'll definitely take a look at that, and peep the other two maps while I'm at it.

If PQ/FilePlanet lets me.

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Dagwit unregistered
#1   10 Sep 2000
It's a bit hard on those who just collect DM/tourney maps, or those who just collect CTF maps, if you mix the two types in one largeish pak.

Any chance of having the maps offered for download separately?

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