Hpak by }{ammer

Three levels in one pk3. hdm1 takes place on a large space ship where most of the features and details are sealed behind glass doors, force fields or contained in transparent boxes. The layout is almost symmetrical, dominated by corridors and one large bay section. The frame rate is good except for a few areas. There is one area in particular with a heap of glass enclosed items which really jacks up the r_speeds. Game play is ok. hctf1-a is a bug fix re-release of hctf1, see this review for more details. hctf2 is a mirrored version of hdm1 with the the large bay area as the flag base. Game play is pretty good, but the frame rate problems are still there near the storage areas. Bots play fine on all levels.

Worth a closer look.

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (48 votes)

Download: Hpak by }{ammer