First Release: 30/06/00

Title : Inflammable

Filename : inflammable.bsp

Author : Christian 'FergusDog' Stock
Email Address : **email removed**
Homepage :
Description : rockets + lava = massive carnage

Additional Credits to : id
beta testers (pjw, MEet-CEes, Bill Brooks, Sting) for comments
all the people answering my questions in several forums
all those people putting their efforts and spare time into the quake community

* Play Information *

This level was inspired by "A bad place" of Quake1. While a few things are similar (eg lava pits with megahealth and LG on top), the whole level was constructed from scratch and is very different. My idea was to build a level that takes the furious gameplay from 'a bad place' over to q3a, with all its shiny glory.

The level is a future tech base sitting in a pot of lava. Most of the stuff in the level is inspired by the original id maps. It is a little bit boxy, if you have a close look, but hey, it's my first released level! I tried to cover the boxyness up, next time I will design the basic layout differently. I put a lot of effort into design, so that it doesn't repeat (i.e all hallways look different and you instantly know where you are). A lot of great levels out there look quite repetitive, so you have the same design, whereever you are. Not in this level. The gothic hallway doesn't really fit the theme, but since I don't really like gothic maps, I'll probably will never build one, but I thought this bit would look quite cool. I got the inspiration from 'The Last Crusade'. So remember: Iehova. Actually, I put a clip brush over the whole thing, so it's quite easy to cross. If you have problems crossing, I suggest you quit this level and come back, when you can beat Crash on 'I can win' ;) The computer screen hallway is taken from 'Men in Black', which looked quite cool in the movie, but I had to spice it up with computer screens for q3a. I put a picture of myself into the level, I liked the idea watching you people fragging away as some sort of B-movie mastermind. Muahahaha.

The bots play this level really well. They tend to move around the level, so the action moves around the level a bit. The map is designed in a way that you can get close to action, whereever it is, within a few seconds. But mostly you'll probably be right in it anyway, trying desperatly to survive.

The gameplay might get a little bit laggy in the main pit. I tried to find a compromise between detail and speed. It runs fast though on my computer (about 30-40fps average, which is reasonably fast on my computer). The lowest fps I measured was 20fps, which again is quite usual on my computer.

Unfortunatly, I am struck with an incredibly slow modem (and bad isp which I should really change...) and haven't tested this level with other players. If you have lots of time at hand, I would be delighted to receive a demo of human players fragging away in my level (please don't send me too large files though...)

Game : Q3A
Map Name : Inflammable
Single Player : with bots (remove bots for less action!)
FFA 3-6 : five is plenty of action
Teamplay : possible, but not designed for
1O1 : for people who like less action
Mods : osp (included 'rocket mayhem' config)
New Textures : yes, a few (either my own or based on id's)

* Construction *

Base : from scratch

Editor used : Corel Photopaint for textures

Compile machine : Celeron 400, 128 MB, TNT
Compile time : over night (mainly lighting...)

Construction time : about four months (with breaks...)

Known bugs : none, I hope.

* How to run *

put inflammable.pk3 into the baseq3 directory, select squirmish and select level.

* Additional Requirements *

You will need the ctf addon and q3radiant. Actually, you will only need the textures of both packs (as far as I know, I only used one texture of the q3radiant textures (mapmedia.pk3) that aren't part of the standard distribution). Other people use these textures as well, so you'll need those textures anyway...

I enclosed a second arena file (rename the arenafiles to use it). This file uses other bots than the standard id ones. You will have to download my bot pack from my site ( to actually use those. I recommend this, because I wrote new bot files for yuriko and krusader. They should be more of a challenge...

If you want to play with rockets only, you'll have to get the osp mod installed. I included a config (txt/rocket.cfg) which you'll have to drop into the osp folder. You can start the mod in different ways, one would be selecting osp in the mod menu and typing 'exec rocket.cfg' in the console. This config gives everybody a RL and turns all weapons in RLs. It gets boring if played too long, but is fun for a change.

* Changes *

version 1.2
- added a rocket config for the osp mod

version 1.1
- added bot_roams + player starts to distribute the action more

version 1.0
- fixed a few caulk surfaces (I strongly recommend not to create solid caulk brushes. There is no advantage and those caulk surfaces are easily missed)
- fixed a barely noticeable HOM due to wrong vis (And I thought id fixed that. good spotting pjw)
- a few small brush and entity changes
- fixed sound issues (the sound engine really isn't one of the engine strenghts... A strange bug dissappeared after updating q3radiant)
- balanced lighting
- new monitor (portal)
- fixed missing clip brushes

Please, let me know of anything that you don't like. Or of any bugs, if there are any.

* Other levels *


palazzo (buggy (but playable) because of quark, I won't fix it)


palazzo (still BETA, will be redesigned soon)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level or any parts of it as a base to build additional
levels, if they do the following:
- let me know, what they are doing with it
- give credit to me
- include this readme (unmodified)
- if you are only using a texture or shader, just give credit

It must NOT be sold, without permission from the author.

You MAY distribute this level, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this level in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file