Castle of Deceit
Castle of Deceit by Kit Carson
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#4   10 Sep 2000
It would really be a great map if only it wouldn´t be so damn dark! Please make a lighter version of it, Kit Carson!
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[K]Lord Axl unregistered
#3   08 Sep 2000
A fuckin' great map. Good work Kit !
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#2   05 Sep 2000
I liked it. There are a few places that need to be worked on, however. I thought the upper tunnel with the green healths off of the rocket launcher platform was way too low. Also, the interior section of the map can be seen - as well as all the caulk textures - when rocket jumping in the open area. I like what you did with the megahealth! Cool.

This map seems to be missing something. Game flow was haphazard and confused. I also give it a 5.

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Tyre unregistered
#1   05 Sep 2000
Falling off the path because it's too dark to see where you are going is not my idea of fun.

Not really worth it. A 5 at best.

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