Castle of Deceit
Title : Castle of Deceit
Filename : kitdm5.pk3
Maps : kitdm5.bsp
Author : Kit Carson (Stefano Ginanneschi)
Email Address : **email removed**
Home page :
Additional Credits : Frenzi for beta testing, woman with big boobs..
for the big boobs!!

Description : Quake III Arena -1vs1 DM / Team DM / Skirmish map
Feedback about this map is appreciated.

If you do a review about this map, please send me a note.

1 ) Drink a Beer (possibly SuperTennents)
2 ) Start Quake3
3 ) The new map kitdm5 will be accessible from the menu
(for single player: choose single player -> skirmish -> kitdm4
for multiplayer: choose multiplayer -> kitdm4 )

If you do a review about this map, please send me a note.

* Play Information *

type of game: 1vs1 dm / team dm / single (skirmish against bots)

Bot Support : Yes, but they don't want navigate the entire map!!(i used
bot_roam but don't want enter inside the red armour room!!)

Weapons : 2 Rocket Launcher, 1 Railgun,
1 Plasma Gun, 2 Shotguns, 1 lightning
Powerups : 1 Mega Healt
Armor : 1 Yellow Armor, 1 red armour
Known Bugs : None.

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch.
Editor used : Q3Radiant-build 199-201
Build time : 4 weeks on and off.
Compile machine : PII 350, 128mb RAM, TnT2Ultra32.
Q3Map compile time : approx. 2 hours,
Bspcaas -optimize : 7 minuts

* General Information *

Gothic Map Type, very detailed and addictive in 1vs1, map is not small but for duel or 2vs2 is perfect!!

* Legal Stuff *

Copyright Notice:

This level is (c) 2000 Kit Carson.

You are free to copy this file for personal use, or to make it available for
redistribution in its electronic format, provided that:

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the information herein contained, even if advised of the possibility of
such damage.

Please respect my position as to not allowing distribution on a cd-rom
of any and all types. Certain companies tend to 'net scrape' and then profit
from the work of others without obtaining

Copyright 2000 Kit Carson
All rights reserved.