A Quake 3 Arena DM/Tourney level.

Date: 16th of Jul 2000
Title: ONDADM1 (Rail Arena version)
File: ondadm1.pk3
Author: Dennis "ONDA" Simons
E-Mail address: **email removed**
Description: Small spacemap/railarena/q3dm17kind of thing.
Plays good with 1on1 and any other sort of game
up to 8 players. (very busy but cool)
Special features: Rocket-Rain! (clue: Step into the blue)
Safety-pads: Nice jumppads located
at places where you are most likely to fall off.

Play information:
Skills: (0,1,2,3) Bots rail nasty enough on skill 2.
Tourney: 1on1 & 2on2 should be nice.
Deathmatch: Small DM. (8 players should be the max.)
CTF: No. Maybe later...
Bot file (AAS): Yup!
New sounds: Nope.
New graphics: Nope. (Just the ugly-ass levelshot)
New music: Not included by default but you can download
the plugins from here:
01. Bjork - All is full of love
02. New Order - Confusion (From movie blade)
03. Busta Rhymes - Gimme some more
04. Chemical Brothers - Setting sun
(Note: These are not the complete songs, just cuts from the beat.)

How to play: Unzip the ondadm1.pk3 -file into your
<quakedir>/baseq3 -directory. Launch the
game, hit ~ (console) and load the map:
/map ondadm1

Info: 1st map. Updates will include a normal version in
addition to this rail-only map once I am pleased with
the weapon-placement.
Maybe more music will be available later.

Base: None
Editor: Q3Radiant v199
Other progs: BSPCGUI v0.05
Known bugs: - If you somehow trigger the RocketRain constantly,
(by adding flight or something) the game will crash.

- If the RocketRain is triggered too fast after the last
rain, some rockets/smoke trails will dissapear.
Build time: About 12 hours to build, about 9 weeks to tweak.

Thanks to: Me.
(Well, and maybe to Vega who wh00ped my ass
several times on this home-made playground 'o mine.)

Distribution / Copyright / Permissions
Use this level in any way you like to use it. Rip the Rain, the pads, rip it to shreds.
No rights reserved. Just please include my name or nickname in your .txt or .htm -file.
If you have any problems with ripping it, please mail me about it. Here is the .map -file.

Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.

All music available for download are small cuts from the original songs by the authors.
All rights remain with the authors.

This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient,
MUST include this .htm -file, and may be modified IN
ANY WAY. As long as my name or nickname is included in your .txt or .htm -file.