God told me to
Title : God told me to
Filename : god.bsp
Author : Gummo
Email Address : **email removed**
Homepage : gummo.thebackburner.com/
Description : DM map for Quake3

* Play Information *

Single Player : yes (with bots)
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes (3-7 players)
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Music : No
New Graphics : yes, exterior church textures, jumppad and teleport textures by me
, some interiour textures from VR Magazine's Texture Pack 4
New Mapobjects : yes, the spooky looking tree done by yours truly in Milkshape 3D.
I'll include the model in my map Gumcity for the Q3mod Hunter
New Monsters : No
New Demos : No
New Models : No

* Construction *

Base : New level
Editor(s) used : Q3radiant
Build Time : 2 weeks + 5 days of sorting out problems with my shitty computer

Put the god.pk3 in the baseq3-folder. at the console just write: map god
or you can access it in the Skirmish menu.

Experience this in 'God told me to':

* Ancient holy jumppads
* Holy teleporters with God as your guide thrue time and space
* Architecture from Gothenburg, Sweden
* evil people trying to frag you !

This map was actually not a religious experience to build, it was a living hell !
The last week of building and touching things up my computer slowly died, I couldn't
compile, every program crashed after 1 minute, I tried to format the harddrive and
reinstall windows, but it didn't help so I had to finish the map at a friend's
computer (thanx for that Carl !). Because of all problems I didn't have a chance to
really beta-test it and didn't have time to do some of the last textures, anyway,
if you like this map and have gameplay suggestions, mail me and I'll release a new
better version that will look and hopefully play better when I've bought a new CPU
and motherboard.

I hope you can enjoy it the way it is now as well !