God told me to
God told me to by Gummo
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#17   23 Jan 2012
Your maps are set out in weird environments but are amazingly brilliant! 9.5/10.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#16   12 Jun 2011
In my opinion, this is better than Old Church.
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#15   29 Sep 2000
come on people, we need to up the graphics cards. Levels like this should be standard.
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JET unregistered
#14   10 Sep 2000
Dunno if Gummo mentioned it before, but this map is replica of a Church in our hometown Gothenburg (except for the inside). Knowing this, the map is quite impressive.
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Mordi unregistered
#13   09 Sep 2000
Now this is creativity, although the layout isnt really that complex the atmosphere and playability is all there, liked the inclusion of the flight pack which adds something a little more different for a single player. the stain glass colors is a tad harsh me thinks, but its nice to see a haunted house approach. Any chance of getting those rspeeds down a bit though? love those twisty trees. Rockin
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JET unregistered
#12   08 Sep 2000
hehe, so much for not mapping for a long time :-P
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Gummo unregistered
#11   08 Sep 2000
I'm actually working on finishing Gumcanyon right now, and it looks like it will be really good, lotsa custom mapobjects and a fat atmosphere.

Probably release it as a beta at the end of the weekend.

Things are very slow on the E-front....and that sucks !

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JET unregistered
#10   08 Sep 2000
Dont worry about it Gummo, Its kick ass!

What you really should do, is making DM versions of Gumcity and Gumcanyon! Looks like a bad idea letting two such cool maps be lost for the public cause of some lazy modders not getting their shit together :-9

whats new on the E-front ? lol

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not entered unregistered
#9   07 Sep 2000
You have to turn pure server setting off to run this map
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Gummo unregistered
#8   06 Sep 2000
The map was rushed in the end, I had computer problems (they are solved now..at last!) and I wanted to get this map into the Q3mods.net mapping competition (took them almost 2 month to choose 3 winners out of 14 maps, lousy competition if you ask me).

Thanx for the zebra-info Tigger.

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steevo unregistered
#7   06 Sep 2000
weird name, kewl map.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#6   05 Sep 2000
Zebraing can also be seen much easier when in vertex lighting mode, by the way.

On to the map.

It reminds me of that map House by the Cemetary in some ways. I think in terms of layout and style this map is ok.

I did, however, think that there maybe should have been more time spent on the detailing of the map (texture wise and brushwise). On the roof, I was getting caught in those little areas right above the blue windows, I couldn't just run off of the roof. With regards to the red and blue windows, while the textures are cool, the colors seemed kinda harsh. But that's just me.

Fun map though.

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JET unregistered
#5   05 Sep 2000
Nice going Gummo-man!
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   05 Sep 2000
Zebraing comes from overlaying brushes. Where two planes are on the smae surface. Win2k with a Vipper770 Utlra is my main set-up and always picks them up. You can see the zebraing in the screen shot, on the roof, there is a dark strip, looks about 32 units high - thats where you have an overlap. There are a heap more, if you want me to point them out, just ask :]
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Spazz unregistered
#3   04 Sep 2000
I didn't see any zebra effect... but i didnt look for it..

I like this map.. the FPS is a bit harsh though.. IF you could get the framerate down, this would be a really kickass map. =)

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Gummo unregistered
#2   04 Sep 2000
I didn't know about the zebraing before, none of the computers I've tested this map on got it. Damn shame.

If anyone wants the tree model, just send me a mail and I'll send it to you.

Hope you pepople enjoy the map (and don't get the stinking zebra-effect!).

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Fork unregistered
#1   04 Sep 2000
just one word on this map: wonderful
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