Duel of the Fates
Duel of the Fates by Zymotico
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Mapsking Rep. 350
#14   16 Mar 2021
I played this map, and honestly, had no problem with falling off of the map. The paths are not super narrow, and they are well lit, it is easy enough to navigate them. I played with six bots, and it seemed about just right for the map. I have not played it with my family yet, but will likely this weekend. There is one nitpick I have about the map, specifically, there is a spawn point, right in front of one of the upper teleporters, which takes you to one directly in front of you, with two machine gun ammos. You can keep going straight, and it will loop. Personally, I feel all the teleporters should go to a different random one, even if static, and not create a loop like this one. Not sure how practical, but it would be even better if the teleporter could randomize the destination, but I don't know if that is possible. However, this could have been avoided with better planning on where each one went. Personally, I had a lot of fun with the map, noticed no weirdness with the bots, and I recommend this map.
Edited 12.63 minutes after the original posting.
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bepisman Rep. 128
#13   06 Mar 2020
Fun to play with lots of players, and the laser shields are an interesting concept, but its really the white beam teleporters that make gameplay interesting.
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FragTastic Rep. 2241
#12   06 Feb 2012
Excellent Star Wars Remake :D. I play this game on the PSP and always have fun on the final battle :). 9.5/10.
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Darth Steggasis unregistered
#11   27 Nov 2010
I have Jedi knight II and a custom map based on this. very simliar to each other. But JK is better for melees. (especially with da lightsaba! >:])
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SW12 unregistered
#10   18 Apr 2010
This map is spectacular. Exectly like Episode 1 of Star Wars! When I was playing the map: The core, I didn't get as close of a feel. This however, Is outstanding performance! I like how the white beams are used as teleports and what he did with the Force field walls. thing is there is enough weapons for the bots to not need the use of close up combat. Excellent work
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matt_kenobi unregistered
#9   11 Oct 2000
It's times like these I wish I had Quake3....
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Arena Masta unregistered
#8   21 Sep 2000
Beware! This map mucks up your Q3 textures and you end up with textures from this map in the normal levels!
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#7   28 Aug 2000
Come ON - this is just a fun map to play on, it's not pretending to be anything else! Not an all-time classic, but load it up with Boba Fett on Hardcore/Nightmare and tell me it's not fun... a good watch-your-footing duelling fantasy map, and why not?

There is no try, only frag!


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jrp unregistered
#6   24 Aug 2000
I didn't like it. Great detail went into the custom textures, but no care was taken into other aspects of the arquitecture.

If you run to one end of the main corridor, you'll end up against the black skybox.

The "light" sprites that work as teleportesrs start and end at the bottom and top of the level, making an ugly effect. Maybe black fog at the top and bottom could have fixed that.

The fgameplay was quite hard, because it was very easy to fall if you weren't looking where you were going.

as the review says "More about the movie than the game play", and not that much about the movie either.

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Janus unregistered
#5   22 Aug 2000
There are super mario maps?? dear god. I love this map, thanks fer the patch Zy :)
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Spram unregistered
#4   20 Aug 2000
agent nox: Hehe, I find it wierd that there is only one (that I know of) star wars map, but 4 Super Mario maps.
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Zy unregistered
#3   20 Aug 2000
Oh No! This got posted. I mentioned that there are patches for this level in the beta section. I guess I should have tried to stop this release.

Anyways the missing texture patch is at <a href="www.jedicore.net/z.../dotf-patch.zip" target="_blank">www.jedicore.net/z.../dotf-patch.zip</a>

The DotF patch is the final addition to this level. I not planning to work on this level anymore. Time to move on :)

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agent nox unregistered
#2   20 Aug 2000
finallyyyyyyyyyyy a star wars map! it may not be the best of maps but it's STAR WARS


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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#1   20 Aug 2000
It could be a much wider open area, have the missing textures and the white columns of light could go somewhere instead of just ending sudenly in the blackness. Cool level, but could have been done better. Great fun nonetheless, i always thought that scene from Star wars could be a great level to go one-on-one with darth maul in Quake III. Now all you need is to include the Duel of the Fates music from the movie!!

A 7 - missing textures and bland overall look, but very fun to play.

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