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Duel of the Fates
Duel of the Fates - A Quake 3 arena level ----------------------------------------- My info: -------- Author: Zymotico Email: **email removed** web site: www.jedicore.net/zyrealm Level Info: ----------- file: dotf.bsp AAS: yes New Textures: yes game: DM or Team bots: Orbb, Klesk, (Maul, Bobafett) Maul and Bobafett bots are not included with this pk3 Known Issues: ------------- I get an undesirable message when bots are pushing up against the force field. This doesn't affect gameplay. Strange texture stretching on the central walkway. Brushes may be too long. Stuff that didn't make it into this production: ------------------------------------------ Animated computer console..........No time Shiny Melting core pit floor.......Framerate killer! Glass outer plasma tubes...........Can't get it to look right and it's a framrate killer Duel of the Fates Soundtrack.......It's a 17meg download. I'll upload sometime later or I'll try to tweak it so that it is a smaller file.
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