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Return to the Edge by Charon
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Tig Rep. 1652
#49   18 Nov 2015
Thanks for that 1v4n. The review and the download have been updated. I've also included a few more screen shots.
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1v4n unregistered
#48   17 Nov 2015
There is actually a new version of this map, that can be found here:
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spirit Rep. 715
#47   13 Aug 2010
@>:] You gotta jump over the other crates, starting at YA, to get the MH.
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>:] unregistered
#46   12 Aug 2010
How do you get to the MH?
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Q unregistered
#45   10 Aug 2010
Sorry but this map is crap for a conversion. Its nothing like the original. I hate it. The Edge by Finko is better. This was in the generations Arena map pack, I played it and I couldn't reminisce with Quake II WHAT DO PEOPLE SEE IN THIS MAP?! -1/10
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SW12 unregistered
#44   02 Aug 2010
I have to say I was disappointed with this map. Nothing like the original and off music. Fortunately, there was a ripped version. I wish Generations Arena Chose The Edge Revisited instead. This map just sits in the map list shunned. 1/10
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Tabun unregistered
#43   26 Mar 2008
ReBoOt has recently made a very good remake (IMHO even slightly better than this The Edge remake by Charon) of Tokay's Towers for Generations Arena ( ). Charon's map also features in the Generations mappacks, and it plays great. If you like nostalgia-maps or if you can recommend some great ones to us, visit our forums and let us know!
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Toribio unregistered
#42   21 Mar 2008

I loved this one with quake2, now I love it in Q3!. Really thanks!!!! Looking for the next one!!!

Thanks a lot for your time and your efforts!!!

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|L&M|*Mercury unregistered
#41   24 Mar 2006
Hey man, I don't know how you did it, but this is a MASTERPIECE! I have met hundreds of maps, some of them were very good, but not better then this one. I always play on this map against bots with my friend. Congratulations man, it's just awesome. What do you say for Tokays Towers? I have 2 tokay tower maps, both are terrible. If you could make it (I'm sure you could) than that would be VERY awesome. Than tha chain would be complete. :D Really, think about it...
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jsHcK unregistered
#40   24 Jul 2005
This is the most commonly played remake of The Edge (Q2DM1) on the Internet.

It shouldn't be. Jamin Bulyk's version is superior in almost every way.

If you want to play a Charon map, try Timeless Classic (CHARON3DM2) instead.

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AK47 unregistered
#39   10 Nov 2003

Did you do the updated version? if so, where can we get it, and any other Q2 maps you've been brave enough to remake?

Thanks Man :)

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kerygma unregistered
#38   18 Sep 2003
Best Edge conversion out there. Outstanding, Charon.
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Lt_Dan unregistered
#37   29 Aug 2001
Great revision of Q2DM1. My first thoughts were... IMPRESSIVE!!! Has got to be the best Q2DM1 makeover by far. The look and feel of the level is very unique and I really like the new ideas you've added to the level. Well done :?)
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kId unregistered
#36   20 Jan 2001
great work Charon,

i loved this map in q2

and now i have it in q3

thx a lot

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eidolon{moo} unregistered
#35   08 Jan 2001
Sweeeeeet conversion, is very well proportioned for the switch to Q3A gameplay (especially with Grandma Hook or Requiem mods...can't wait to play it with CHAOS Arena's anti-gravity belt.)---e
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FuzzyBunny unregistered
#34   01 Jan 2001
My only problem with this map is that I couldn't give it 11
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Phoenix unregistered
#33   03 Nov 2000
Very good job! I played the map, and gameplay is solid, even just against the bots. The green murky water makes getting the railgun interesting. I've run head long into a few bots and "surprised" them that way a few times.

The textures are great, it gives a classic level the feel of the Arenas Eternal. The Arena masters found excellence in the pits of Stroggos, and were thus inspired to build their own Arena. Now if someone would make a version of "Lost Hallways" that's this good, I'd be most happy, though how to get around those pesky non-working ladders...

While I got burned out on Q2DM1 while playing Quake 2 (a map change IS good once in a while...) this is a top notch remake. I do not use the term "conversion" here because a lot of effort has been put into it, and a lot of detail added. Far too much work to call it a "conversion". Again, good job.

I rate it a 9. I only found one visual glitch, the area of which I won't disclose so all the nitpickers don't go looking. I can't wait to play Generations Arena there. I'm sure Grunt and Bitterman will feel right at home. =)

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[RW] =SiN= unregistered
#32   04 Sep 2000

Could someone pleez also do great conversions like this on q2dm3, q2dm8 and boss2?

This map ownz bigtime, thx Charon!

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Manny unregistered
#31   23 Aug 2000

THX, please do more conversions!

my vote is for "the slimy place"

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C unregistered
#30   20 Aug 2000
Sorry I removed some of your shaders from your pk3, because they were modifying some Id's shader, as you can see in q3dm2 (water) or qm3dm8 (fog). You could recompile with shaders renamed as textures/charon/... Thanks if you do it, because the water looks awful without your shader ! Good conversion anyway !
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Anon unregistered
#29   19 Aug 2000
Peeeyeeew! What a stinker! I love the original Q2DM1, and got my hopes up when reading that this level was a remake of it AND that it had been built from scratch but then I played it = man what a let down, unporportional and yellow fog in the water to the RG...ok?! I realize (now) that the author was making his own version of The Edge but why tease us? I want the real deal damnit! Any hope for id to do this level justice and make it themselves? Nice try but not what Im looking for.
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#28   19 Aug 2000
I know I'm gonna piss people off but I've never really liked this map (the original or any conversions). I don't know why. This version, however, is by far the most colorful.
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Costaine unregistered
#27   19 Aug 2000
i really like this map :)

but the green water isnt too great in my opinion.... thats why it gets 8

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Costaine unregistered
#26   19 Aug 2000
i really like this map :)

but the green water isnt too great in my opinion.... thats why it gets 8

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777 unregistered
#25   17 Aug 2000
Shader issue screwed me up too.It took me an hour and many headaches to find out what the hell was wrong.I had to delete the .pk3.....I give it a 3
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pu§hy unregistered
#24   16 Aug 2000
"patch" = path....sorry
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pu§hy unregistered
#23   16 Aug 2000
dunno but u guys but i really don't like that green colored water. i like the transparent one better. and the patch to the rocket launcher is tighter than the original...same with the opening above and the window on the left side b4 that opening. really not perfect but still great
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Charon unregistered
#22   16 Aug 2000
thanks for the comments peeps

currently I'm going to do a version2(by popular demand) that fixes the shader problem.....bleh..that was a BIG mistake on my part and I'm really sorry about it...the easiest way to correct this is just go into your baseq3/scripts directory and delete the "charonq2dm1.shader" was my first attemp at doing shaders and I didn't realize that doing it the way I did would have such a bad impact...but..I've learned....anyway..thanks again

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SandmaX unregistered
#21   16 Aug 2000
heyy anyone know any more q2 maps converted to q3 ... i used to love the last level the final conflict or something...

please post the urls!


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Hi-C unregistered
#20   16 Aug 2000
Nice work. Brings back memories and underscores how lackluster id's Q3 maps are by comparison.
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KLR8 unregistered
#19   15 Aug 2000
Very good conversion.

Best I've seen by far!

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RedFive unregistered
#18   14 Aug 2000
RyGuy: I forgot, you usually know me as ^1R3D^3FIV3 !!! :)
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RedFive unregistered
#17   14 Aug 2000
Hey there RyGuy !!! The conversion program might be cool for making maps on the fly but the results are not anything to compare with a map that was made from the ground up.

And yes, this map allows some tricks that were possible but pretty hard on Q2DM1. I was never able to grab the MH without Rjumping, but I saw tons of demos with people doing it. BTW, some people trying to get the MH were taking too much time and fell prey to my RL !!!

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<DMS>^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#16   14 Aug 2000
Oh, and a little off topic, but that tokay towers conversion was also missing the MH. Yeah....nice conversion...leave out one of the strategic aspects of the map. pfft. haha
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<DMS>^^Ch@os^^ unregistered
#15   14 Aug 2000
This is by far the best conversion of Q2DM1, and definitely the best conversion of any standard Q2DM map I've seen. It plays wicked, just like the original, and the texturing is very good.

My only gripes are the noticable vis errors in the map, but according to the author, this was unavoidable.

As for not entered comments. Why don't you put a name to your comments you coward. Also, I've seen every conversion of tokays towers, and not one of them was good. The best one had sloppy texturing, almost no use of curves and added jump/accelerator pads where none should be. So, please cough up that link to this conversion that you claim is so much better than this.

I've been serving this map up for awhile now, and have not had any complaints. Everyone loves it. I have not had a problem with the water texture, not sure why though...seems a lot of others are.

Good conversion...this is how they are supposed to be. Not with cheap programs that convert the map and do no work in actually making it look and play good in Q3, let a lone retexture it.

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not entered unregistered
#14   14 Aug 2000
RyGuY: Tokays Towers has already been done (and it turned out MUCH better than this POS). Sorry I don't have a link handy but it shouldn't be too hard to find.
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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#13   13 Aug 2000
Finaly the Edge has come back to Quake 3

The Edge was my fav Q2 map and now its in Q3 and its now an even betta map =)

not having to rocket jump to the mega health is good i died so many times trying to get the mega health while being chased by another player

this map definently deserves a 10 and ill b playing this map 4 a long time to come

-From ur eva Friendly Stone Cold Spider 3:16

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Corrosive unregistered
#12   13 Aug 2000
The water looks cool
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RyGuY unregistered
#11   13 Aug 2000
oh i forgot to add that it isn't necessary to rocket jump to the mega health anymore! just jump from where there used to be a backpack. that and the weird water are the only gripes i have.
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RyGuY unregistered
#10   13 Aug 2000
Man now all we need is a conversion of Tokay's Towers. That map rocked! I used to have a program that would convert Quake2 maps to Quake3, but i lost it!
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not entered unregistered
#9   13 Aug 2000
I think this map is terrible. I've had it for a while (got it from shugs) and not only is the script screwed up, but it also replaces a standard id water texture with some nasty brown looking thing. Took me nearly an hour to figure out which pk3 in my baseq3 directory was causing it. That kind of thing really irritates the hell out of me.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#8   12 Aug 2000
The Script file on the outside is a real headache, its been constructed wrong in many ways too :[ eg;

  • textures/charon/protobanner (this is ok)
  • textures/sfx/fog_timdm8 -> v.bad - should be textures/charon/charon_fog
  • textures/liquids/calm_poollight -> v.bad as well - should be textures/charon/charon_poollight

In its current state there is very few servers that will run this map. If Charon wishes to fix these errors and re-release the map I'll be happy to update ..::LvL asap.

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Rat_Scabies unregistered
#7   12 Aug 2000
Without a doubt the best conversion so far.




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rockN79 unregistered
#6   12 Aug 2000
The map is a damn great conversion, really cool. But having the "clangdark" texture changed in the shader with the same filename as in the original game (thus changing all the clangdark textures in the game) is just stupid, stupid, stupid.

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not entered unregistered
#5   12 Aug 2000
What is this rwg_botai mod and where can I get it? I only play against bots so this sounds handy.

Sorry for the offtopic post.

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RedFive unregistered
#4   12 Aug 2000
I've had this one for a while now and it's as great a conversion of q2dm1 as we'll get. Nice to notice that it's built from scratch, and the result shows. The down side? It's q2dm1 which means it's been played to death by most Quakers on this planet! At least all the tricks we learned in Q2 still work here. I give it an 8.
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Corrosive unregistered
#3   12 Aug 2000
hahaha nice.
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Tyre unregistered
#2   12 Aug 2000
Yep, this is a fine map indeed. The bot play problem can largely be corrected with the rwg_botai mod.
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Beliya'al unregistered
#1   12 Aug 2000
I just had to send this maps'URL to LVL, because this map rocks! I love it!!!! Better than all the other conversions of this map. Definitely a keeper!!!!! great job!!!!!
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