Return to the Edge
Title : Return to the Edge
Date : 12/13/2000
Filename : map-charonq2dm1v2.pk3
Author : Charon
Email Address : **email removed**
: (best to visit my site and get my current email address)
Website :

Description : I was sick of seeing all the crappy revisions
: of "The Edge"(q2dm1) from quake2. Most of them
: were horrible bsp conversions of some sort
: that turned out hideous and did the map no
: justice at all. I decided it was time for someone
: to sit down and spend time and actually hand
: do the map for quake3. You will find no fancy
: jumpads, no clear water, and no drastic layout
: changes. You will also find upon entering the
: level that it is definately not a clone of the
: map. This map uses Quake3 textures and gives the
: feel that "The Edge" has been rusted over and decaying.

Update: : This is version2 of this map. The first one had
: major shader issues. All of those have been resolved
: and completely new shaders that are completely seperate
: from the ones that came with the game have been made.
: There were a few architectural changes. These were
: made to fix proportional issues that I somehow didn't
: calculate right. Not all the proportions have been
: corrected, but quite a few of the important ones
: that were pointed out have been. Also, I understand this
: is one of those love or hate maps, so if you hate it,
: don't bother going through all the trouble of telling
: me how much this map has been overdone and wornout.

Additional Credits to : id software, Normal, everyone who pointed out ways
: I could improve this level and all of those who
: wanted it to be redone


- Play Information -

Players : Preferably 2-8 players though can accomadate as many as you like.
Bots : Yes. And they play very well. Try one on one. With large groups
: though they will want to hang around the lower rocket launcher.
Weapons : Rocket Launcher, Railgun, Plasma Gun(replaces hyperblaster),
: Super Shotgun, Lightning Gun(replaces chaingun), Grenade Launcher

WARNING: If you installed the original charonq2dm1, please delete the files:

Unzip the the zip file into your quake3\baseq3 directory.
Start quake3 and either select it from your map list or press tilde to enter the console and type:
"/sv_pure 0"
press enter
"/map charonq2dm1v2"

- Construction -

Base : "The Edge"(q2dm1)
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant
Known Bugs : None(I hope there are none in the second version)
Build Time : A couple of weeks.

Textures used : Mostly Quake3 with a couple of customs to give it the rusted feel.

Compile machine : P3/500 overclocked to 559 with 384megs RAM
q3map compile Time : TOTAL - 83 minutes(4994 seconds) or anotherwords 1 hour and 23 minutes
: BSP - 28 seconds
: VIS - 749 seconds
: LIGHT - 4217 seconds
Brushes : 3175

- Other Info -
This map was originally created by id software for quake2. The author has re-created the
level using his own creativity to show how he interprets the map. id software has stated
that this type of re-creation is supported by them.

- Copyright / Permissions -
You map not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without
permission from the author. You may not mass distribute this level via any
non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks
without permission from the author.