Brain Damage
Brain Damage by EraSerX
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hannibal unregistered
#5   19 Aug 2001
Someone set up Castle the Bong!
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#4   19 Aug 2000
I agree with Helta, "but generally wasn't too bad" but there were some glaring errors I needed to point out. First off, the Highest jumppads where way too far from the walls, causing me to never land on the higher platform unless I pressed forward using air-control. There was no ambient sounds for such a busy-looking map (perhaps some drone sounds or beeps, just a brain fart). I also thought that the ceiling should have been much higher...I kept smackin into it while trying to rocket jump across the map, stopping me from reaching my target. (the ability to rocket jump on such an open map should be viable). Also, on such an open map with a railgun there should be MORE ARMOR and health so that yer enemy can't turn you into a splatter of blood with one shot.

Perhaps another beta run?

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Helta unregistered
#3   15 Aug 2000
I actally feel the review was a little harsh.... It's true to say the rail gun is over powered as the map is open, but generally, it wasnt too bad... It looks nice, lighting is good, and with a little more thorght to item placement, and a bit of tweaking, it could be good.
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Castle unregistered
#2   13 Aug 2000

when I saw this review I had to sit back and laugh

The lay out has to be pretty bad if the map looks good to get a bad review.

The only problems I saw right away was the damn Rail gun of gods hand of destruction poised in the hands of who ever entered the server first to prove that each slug they fire can and will kill every target like a beam of Destruction that can only be acuratly discribed with a run on sentence.

Fuck it though

the only real problem with this map as far as game play is the fact that there is a rail gun in it. Oh im sorry did I say rail gun? I meant to say Death Star.

I have a missing texture buddy

dont make me get level lord to smack you

You wanna make this level 100 % better

take the rail gun out and put in a lightning gun or another RL.

You see how it works in the real world you can only get away with a bad lay out if you add lots of well placed detail. YES that means if your level looks good enough you can get away with 20 rocket launchers no questions asked.

How ever this map dont look even a fraction of how good it needs to look to get away with a rail gun death lazer.

Also Id like to say that we as sucky level designers need to stick together. Yeah sure they will kick you when your down and all that.

Just understand that you got a bad review cuz a lack of a extraordinary looking map.

If you take out that rail gun and fix that missing texture then you have some thing should never have got a bad review.

Im only giving you a 5 because the rail death beam was to simple a mistake to have over looked.

Yes this is a What the Hell were you thinking review.


Cool looking tubes are all the rage these days

If you can make cool looking tubes you need not worry about a rail gun.

they will just say that "it counter points the artistic entegrity that allows for a Domination style of map design"


In other words drink beer and camp your fucking ass off its time for moving targets!!

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RedFive unregistered
#1   12 Aug 2000
One word. Instagib.
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