Body of DOOM
by Cold
Body of DOOM by Cold
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#12   07 Feb 2015
Cool map... Has some flaws, connection wise, has some plus points, gameflow wise... Strangely these two usually go together. Anyway suprisingly ok map.
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MOJOH unregistered
#11   16 Jun 2010
Too bad there's only one corpse of DOOM. AND WHY DID THEY PUT IN THE Q3DM15 EASTER EGG IN?!!!!! IT FREAKS ME OUT
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#10   19 Aug 2000
I really enjoyed this map dispite the low connectivity of the lower levels to the upper levels. The fleshy tunnel was so funky, I almost put away my booze! It is a little dark for my tastes but nothing too serious. (Almost) everything is just a rocket jump away!

One nitpick besides lighting and layout: dropping down to grab the red armor near that cracked-floor/stairway jumppad should have been easier. Too many times I was sent back up, turning myself into an easy target.

Btw, the red armor room is the perfect size for brawls!

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Auhsan unregistered
#9   13 Aug 2000
I have found the model,when we were playing on LAN with Oak...Great map really. I won this one =]
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Auhsan unregistered
#8   13 Aug 2000
"the custom corpse model of Doom is great."

this model is take form oak shiro:

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Forlon unregistered
#7   13 Aug 2000
Yea, well that's prolly because it was designed for CPM :]
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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   13 Aug 2000
Octovus, if I review a map here and it's available on a server I run, I'll continue to mention that fact at the end of my comments. Sorry if that annoys you (no sarcasm), but I'm more concerned with getting people to play these maps.

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Corrosive unregistered
#5   12 Aug 2000
No, i want CPM to gets it well deserved attention.
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MEet-CEes unregistered
#4   12 Aug 2000
bot play is stupid the bots fall down to the middle section.

they hardly move around the map.

plus i dislike when mappers dont compress the pk3,why!?!?

im gonna give CPM a shot does it have Bot support?

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Octovus unregistered
#3   12 Aug 2000
Corrosive, stop pimping CPM, and Johnny, stop pimping your server (at least I think it's your server) ;)
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Johnny Law unregistered
#2   12 Aug 2000
It's pretty good. It's nice to see a map that is fairly open but doesn't have a railgun... that can lead to some interesting battles in the main room. There does seem to be a bit too much travelling between active areas.

It's available for voting on the Mothership duel server (see LvL's server section for details).

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Corrosive unregistered
#1   12 Aug 2000
This map is fun as hell to play, especially in Challenge Pro Mode.
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