Short Circuit
Short Circuit by Binaryshi
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raspatan Rep. 4518
#39   04 Oct 2020
Interesting idea but quake 3 wasn't made for being inside tubes.
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gooball Rep. 1091
#38   01 Apr 2020
Really enjoyed this map. Those tubes are somewhat unorthodox but I think they add a lot to both the gameplay and the atmosphere.
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#37   18 Feb 2012
I love those tubes :D.
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headrot Rep. 168
#36   15 Jan 2009
Yeah it works well even with those funky tubes
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jorge unregistered
#35   30 Jul 2003
is very good

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Snelgrove unregistered
#34   05 May 2001

This level is brilliant: it's gorgeous. The game play is outstanding: interesting and varied. My frag buddies and I return to this map over and over. Well done.

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whatever unregistered
#33   23 Mar 2001
thanx to the author for a truly brilliant map with outstanding design....a great change from ALL the gothic stuff (yawn).

Great work!!!

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detonator unregistered
#32   01 Mar 2001

This map ist great! The Tubes are very impressive! This is one of my favorite Map!!!

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Anwulf unregistered
#31   28 Sep 2000
I've just run through the level again. Silly me, I hadn't paid any attention to the fact that it does have a GL. Still, I'd lose the RL myself. Don't feel it quite fits.
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Anwulf unregistered
#30   28 Sep 2000
What a thoroughly impressive example of mapping technique. This is the sort of level I like - small with reasonably good connectivity. Perhaps needs slightly better connections between one area and the next but it's a minor point.

The lighting is adequate (in that I don't have to adjust my level of gamma correction as I've had to do with a lot of betas I've seen recently).

Of the items and weapons, I'd be inclined to lose the RL in favour of a GL. It strikes me as being too intimate for an RL whereas there are a lot of holes you could probably dump a grenade down to good effect.

Unlike a certain level that came first in a certain competition, I didn't notice any flaws (sparklies, missing textures, broken textures). There might be some, but they're not blatantly obvious.

Excellent piece of work, Binaryshi.

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Binaryshi unregistered
#29   24 Sep 2000
Thank you very much! I'm glad to know that Short Circuit communicates to you about the same way as it does to me. It may be arrogant to say, but I must be honnest also... I'm proud to have created this map that also surprises me often with its fun and exciting gameplay situations.

To be currently is my favorite small map to play in.

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Player1 unregistered
#28   23 Sep 2000
Although there are a few real tiny flaws in the gameflow,

(to little to mention) the gameplay and gameflow is very smooth and close to perfection to me: the setup often initiates smart and intense combat in great variety and those interactions can sustain a long time.

This map is a great experience and is very capable to surprise me with its variety in gameplay every time I launch it! Great work! Thanks!

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#27   19 Aug 2000
I agree with the author that way too many comments (for alot of maps on LVL) have simply turned into a chat room. Leave your bickering to yourself once you've said yer piece on the map. the map. I agree with Castle that the layout is average but with the quick double-backs, makes it fun to trick yer enemies. In terms of texture detail and the design of the curved tunnels, I'd say this map is quite unique. I agree with the reviewer that there should be a warning trim around the hole of death but that's a nitpick.

I like it when mappers try something different. I agree that "different" doesn't mean better, but this map I thought was quite enjoyable.

Let me put it to you this way:

If I'm playing a map, having fun, laughing and not getting pissed off at the little things some mappers put in for detail but detracts from gameplay, then I think its a good map.

That's all

Well done Binaryshi. Must have smoked some good stuff!

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Opposite One unregistered
#26   15 Aug 2000
Thanks Binaryshi...
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Binaryshi unregistered
#25   15 Aug 2000
Please, make comments that concerns my level "Short Circuit", thats what this page is for, and why LvL does so well. This page is for every visitor to see, so don't use it as your own message board and make it a mess. Get an email or ICQ session going for that.
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Castle unregistered
#24   14 Aug 2000

Im sorry but that is simply not true

the curves do get a bit blocky on the lower settings but they need to be set pretty damn low to be at the quake 2 looking level. that setting isnt even in the quake 3 settings menu, its a console command.

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Opposite One unregistered
#23   14 Aug 2000
If you scale the detail of the curves down, they look chunky again... - back to the original tunnels of Short Circuit
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Weezer unregistered
#22   14 Aug 2000
This map has made me interested in Q3A again...finally.


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Castle unregistered
#21   14 Aug 2000
Your not getting my point.

Im saying the map is good. Its average!

The lay out is pretty good the game flow is pretty decant and it is nice to play.

bots dont play it very well at all.. in fact console errors with bots would keep me from releasing the map as anything but a final beta until it gets fixed if I could.

Everything is pretty much average. Some will like its game play some wont.

Now you throw in the tunnels and its being held up as one of the best quake 3 levels EVER MADE!!??

Hey its a good map. But dont over react here ! HAHA

Oh and as far as the curves hitting hard with the poly counts your half right and half wrong. With real curves you can scale the detail on them down lowering r speeds Dramaticaly and it dont really make the game look that bad either. in fact if you get down to it real curves not only look better but they give YOU the choice on how high poly they are. With this map your stuck with the blocky SUPER hard to make tunnels that you can get stuck in from time to time.

Face it, the curves in this map can and have been done in quake 2 already.

Good map? Yes

One of the Best ever made for quake 3? urrm???

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Opposite One unregistered
#20   14 Aug 2000
What is good about Short Circuit other than tunnels?:

  • I like ALL the architecture.
  • Gameplay is good (tunnels lend to different gameplay styles)
  • Eye candy is original (tunnels and rest of map)
  • Bot play's good.
  • Good texturing
  • By not using full curves, Binaryshi has kept the FPS down nicely - I have (only) a Celeron 450, + a Riva TNT2, which means I don't like oevr-the-top eye candy, as it makes maps unplayable for me.
This map is original and fun to play.
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Castle unregistered
#19   13 Aug 2000
I made a test map last night with real curves
its gotta be much easyer
In fact im going to give credit to the auther here for doing something cool for me. He made me consider the idea of soing a map that is nearly 90 % REAL curves!

Im pondering the idea as we speak!!

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Octovus unregistered
#18   13 Aug 2000
Two maps, same layout, one with more eyecandy, the more candy get's a better review. Duh. Assuming that neither author knew of the other's work and they were released simultaneoulsy. They should get points for the extra effort that eye candy takes.

Maps without eye candy don't always get bad reviews. Rather, maps with eye candy tend to get good ones. As an example of a uglyish map, take Darkhallz. It gets a great review for gameplay, but is knocked for looks. That makes sense. People like Castle, and myself, will dl it and play it not caring how it looks. Other people, looking for eye candy, will pass right by and thus not knock it points on the board for "looking bad" (since they won't have tried it).

And Castle: It would have taken 3 months instead of 3 weeks if those were real curves.

Cyas! Octovus

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Castle unregistered
#17   13 Aug 2000
oh yeah?
you dont say huh
what about this map makes it stand out other than the tunnels?

And for that matter why werent these high and grand tunnels made with REAL curves that look 100 time better anyway?

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Opposite One unregistered
#16   13 Aug 2000
I couldn't agree less...

This map shows the author's great skill, and is also great fun to play. The gameflow is really good, and I found myself smiling from ear to ear when playing this baby. Weapons weren't too easy to come by, which is nice.

About the tunnels - how NICE to see some variety in Q3 DM maps like the tunnels. I'm sick of (Q1/Q2) styled maps that are all the same. Ppl with good ideas must use them, and not be scared of breaking the mold. The tunnels may have been hard to make, but they were worth it! The added a dimension of fun that I haven't seen in a while.

This map (in my opinion) is one of the best all-round maps for Q3 I've ever played.


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Abbo unregistered
#15   13 Aug 2000
I couldn't agree less...

This map shows the author's great skill, and is also great fun to play. The gameflow is really good, and I found myself smiling from ear to ear when playing this baby. Weapons weren't too easy to come by, which is nice.

About the tunnels - how NICE to see some variety in Q3 DM maps like the tunnels. I'm sick of (Q1/Q2) styled maps that are all the same. Ppl with good ideas must use them, and not be scared of breaking the mold. The tunnels may have been hard to make, but they were worth it! The added a dimension of fun that I haven't seen in a while.

This map (in my opinion) is one of the best all-round maps for Q3 I've ever played.


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Castle unregistered
#14   13 Aug 2000

As much as everyone likes this map Im sorry to say that im not impressed at all. (except if that detail took less than 3 weeks to make)

there is a few things going on in here that are neat and do add a feel to the game but well .. Quake 3 is Death match and death match only. Some one should be able to get a good rating because of the lay out being great and very intense game play. When I look at this map I see that some one spent way to much time doing stuff that he didnt need to because it was only eye candy.

And in many ways this eye candy has done nothing but get in the way of the game play. In quake 3 I tend to notice that if your fighting on any kind of un even ground sometimes you can hit a curve just right and your feet leave the ground for a split second making you frag bait against some one who has any kind of skill. Those little tunnels may look very cool but you could get stuck on those damn curves on the floor so easily that I wonder what the point of all that extra work really was for. I think it was to show off skill to be L33t. =)

well you show that you can make a basic map ONE ZILLION TIMES harder to make than it should have been by adding detail that is more or less fit for a Classic Single player game like quake 2 has.

And the twisting tunnel although I gotta admit it looks Cool and was very tough to make, I get stuck running up it because its so cramed and the vertexes stuck out like a pin cushion.

how in the hell is little cramed hallways good for game play in quake 3?

I bet I can make a map with 2 or 3 textures 3 or 4 rooms and almost no detail and get better game play than this hands down. You guys are giving quake 3 maps good scores because of eye candy and a lay out that is pretty basic! I cant stand it sometimes.

The lay out can be just about this simplest thing that anyone could do but as soon as that eye candy piles up ill see people talk about the layout like its some master peice that only an artist on a High level far above us mortals could ever touch. HAHAHA

Same lay out and no eye candy and its oh Purple lights and distracting lightning telleports that make for a bad lay out and no verticle fighting. My ass

if I spent a month doing some curve portals it would have been

"An interesting use of Purple lighting makes for a Highly detailed level with a fast paced fighting arena that you must have on your hard drive NOW!"



Fuck this im never doing detail anymore for this fucking game. You people are insane!!!

Im going back to quake 1 style level design

Two maps with the exact same lay out one with eye candy and one with out. Are they going to get the same review?


no eye candy = bad game play these days (I thoght that game play comes first oh well....)

and watch the reviews.

I give it a 7 cause it does look good and even though I could do this type of detail myself I would never want to in a quake 3 map... Plus it would take forever!! God damn

I have to admit that if this didnt take at least 2 or 3 weeks to make then this took a hell of a lot of skill to detail. But lay out is more of the same old and could have been done much better with less work.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#13   12 Aug 2000
I had the pleasure of seeing this map some time ago when Binyarishi posted it on

What a great piece of work this is. It balances "top shelf" execution in every category from gameflow to architecture. This is a great, creative effort Binyarishi. Nice work. You should be proud of this one.

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Blitzz unregistered
#12   11 Aug 2000
Wonderful map. I tried something similar with tunnels in q2 last year but I didn't get around to finish it...

I ran out of hair =)

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Binaryshi unregistered
#11   10 Aug 2000
That's right [iF]Gonad...

my hair is gone =).

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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#10   10 Aug 2000
This map rocked!!!!!!!!

I loved the tunnels! Just imagine how long and painstakingly it must have taken to fit and line up the triangles, lower and raise the vertices to create this tunnel. I know I'd be pulling my out. :-)

Another pleasant surprise I loved that made me stop and say "Why didn't I think of this before?!" were the tunnels in the ground that tricked you into thinking they would actually lead to somwhere without having to worry about danger. I walked over and looked down and the nothingness and tried to see what was down there. I fired a grenade but didnt see it pop up so i mosied on over some more and decided to jump in.......BIG MISTAKE!!!!!


Keep up the great work Binaryshi! This is staying on my hrddrive forever :-)

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Vaerktoej unregistered
#9   10 Aug 2000
It is very original and well build but it´s not my style at all.
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dyezieac unregistered
#8   10 Aug 2000
There are people making maps replicating the classic Id software design with the same use of textures and curves etc.

These maps are often very well done and plays excelent, but i don't go "Ahaa!" over the design.

It's this kind of creativity that makes custom maps so intresting. I only took a look at it for a couple of minutes, so i don't know about the gameplay, but it sure made me start QEradiant again. Nice!!!

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Tyre unregistered
#7   10 Aug 2000
I don't find bots play well here - they avoid the upper area, they seem to be unable to pick up the PG, and generate a lot of console errors (I think it's the PG position that does this). More testing was needed.

The tunnels are a bit too (a) narrow (b) confusing for my taste.

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[LMM]Exaer unregistered
#6   09 Aug 2000
great job binaryshi, uve done it again. Everyone go play this map!
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Octovus unregistered
#5   09 Aug 2000
First of all, a thing about my hardware. My aging vcard doesn't like those chrome tunnels, but it shows the lips of the tunnels as the true color they're meant to be. The rest of the tunnel(s) are all white. WAAAAAH! But a good map not withstanding my pathetic vcard.

This map makes all weapons truly usable. The PG is very good in a tight map like this, but since it is far away from most of the action it isn't dominant as it might have been. The RL can be good in close areas because of splash, but you have to watch not to blow yourself up.

The GL is very good for grabbing and then firing 3 or 4 grenades into the RL loop area, which gets you a gauranteed kill in bot FFA and usually a kill with people =). The LG isn't used much, though, which I found a little unexplainable...perhaps it is too much out of the way, because the other instant hit weapon available (MG) is used a lot with humans playing. Quad was well placed, bots didn't like the regen in my experience tho =(

Plus the end-of-game shot in the quad tube was all white with a bit of water showing fer me. WAAAAAH!

8 outa 10 ;)

L8rs! Octovus

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Niptlar unregistered
#4   09 Aug 2000
Good item selection and placement. A tad tight in spots, but these areas make the Grenade Launcher usable. Gameplay was pretty sweet for me.
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ooze unregistered
#3   09 Aug 2000
ummm, i didn't like this map. The tunnels don't do it for me..tight and claustraphobic. Definately a bit too showy, though the graphics obviously are tremendous in their own way. Didn't float my boat at all for 1vs1...ffa may be better, but I just don't like the tech theme and the numerous tunnels. There is no denying the expertise of the level maker, however, and i'm not trying to do this. I just differ from the reviewer.
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MEet-CEes unregistered
#2   09 Aug 2000
liked this map-ster-peice.

bot play needed a little better Roaming.

awesome 2nd Q3a map!

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Prison Sex unregistered
#1   09 Aug 2000
One of the best maps ever, with a little polish this person could really go places.
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