Castle Liear
Castle Liear by Castle
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FragTastic Rep. 2269
#6   24 Jul 2012
Attention! Castle has created more maps and posted them on a different website. If you would like to download them, the links are below!

Edited: 24 Jul 2012 AEST

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George unregistered
#5   24 Aug 2000
nice graphic but not playbility
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Binaryshi unregistered
#4   15 Aug 2000
Botplay with the recommended number of bots was a little messy as they concentrated around one area the most and "forgot" about the rest. The fps of this map is fine (>50) even in views that

captured most of the complex construction, though could use that little extra reserve for the

amounths of bots needed (<25 at times). I did't like the gameplay that much. It often gets harder to capture the smart and fun moments as a map grows in size.

Visually, it is a very beautyfull level, with lots of areas that caught my attention by its original texturing and construction, nice work:-)!. The lighting is supposed to bring out the best of it and

I think it could have been done better with a little more time. I mean the flames emit much to bright light and then there are to dark areas, and these unnatural contrasts should have been smoothed out a little more, by maybe using some small invisible (spot)light sources here and there. And a little variety in sounds would have been a great addition to the experience also.

First big map? Not bad at all...but hold your "horses" at the completion of your map...releasing is fun

and exciting, but could get you "to" hasty =)...

7/10 but could have been 8/10.

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Castle unregistered
#3   10 Aug 2000

box with stuff in them = fun



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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   09 Aug 2000
The game play, connections, and fun elements are a lot better than casdm3v1 or casdm2v1 - Its just a much more enjoyable map :]
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Castle unregistered
#1   09 Aug 2000

much better review. WHY?

I have no idea. Box with stuff in them type maps just do better. hehe

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