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The Devil Deranged
The Devil Deranged by [Kona]
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1930
#27   14 Jul 2011
I liked the rain.
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Hooyaah Rep. 490
#26   03 Mar 2010
I believe that this one has some potential, however, too much time has more than likely passed for its author to rework it, especially due to my uncertainty as to whether or not he is, after having completed quite a few, still making Quake 3 maps. In the the read me file [Kona] does mention the ceiling being low, and yes, I often felt as if I was going to hit my head on it. The sky-box does not quite fit the environment, as there is a steady rain with thunder and but a few wispy clouds revealing readily visible stars in the sky. Although this atmospheric condition happens in nature, albeit infrequently and under certain conditions, a dark sky mostly filled with cumulo-nimbus clouds would have been more convincing. The rain and the effect of its filling the rooms and the overall look and feel of the map is awe inspiring.
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pajac unregistered
#25   21 Dec 2004
byle co napisalem bo tak mi kazali
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#24   31 Jul 2000
I've removed a silly comment by FFFFFFFFFF (i don't think it was their real nick somehow)
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#23   26 Jul 2000
Solved most of my Q3 problems by removing all Custom maps and extra config files that accompanied mods. I suspect the long wait while trying to connect to servers may have been caused by the extra config files as the servers probably thought I wasn't a pure client; do they check all these configs?

The 'No Response from Master Server' message is still causing occassional problems, but turning 'Show empty' and 'Show full' to On seems to resolve this and when I turn them back to Off servers load, though this is a bit awkward, so am going to use Arena Spy.

Anybody experiencing similar problems should try what I mentioned as it may help, and also may curtail your desire to use a sledge on your Q3 CD.

Don't really know what I'm talking about, but I presume you guys already think that I should be in the Guinness book of Records as the biggest waffler ever.

Thanks for help.

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dyeziac unregistered
#22   24 Jul 2000
About the crash... Had similar problem while connecting to LAN games. Seems like Q3 is trying to conntact the masterserver, but can't since the modem isn't plugged in. Solved by dissabeling automatic dialup in Win98. Im not 100% anyway...
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Scampie unregistered
#21   23 Jul 2000
Oh, and this map has been awesome since my main man [Kona] first gave be a beta to look at. Feels very tight tho... that's my only complaint. [Kona]'s style of architecture has always been so neat. Well made rocks. Minimalistic on the details front, yet very cool to look at. Plays quite nicely too.
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Scampie unregistered
#20   23 Jul 2000
The original id rain was made as a subtile effect, it's hard to notice in many maps. Also, many video cards for some reason don't enjoy showing the rain (heard this a million or so time over at www.qmap.org). Wierd becuase it uses blendfunc GL_ONE GL_ONE for blending on both stages of the shader, which supported by about ever card out there...

I believe it's becuase the rain is done with surfaceparm trans and not with any alpha shadow tricks. Some video cards may make the rain texture more transparent then others, therefore making it hard to see.

Oh, and to Mr. FFFFetc.: UCK! =P

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Johnny Law unregistered
#19   22 Jul 2000
Probably a video card or video settings issue. The rain isveryobvious to me throughout the volume in which it is falling (32 bit color, TNT2U).
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SiCdeth unregistered
#18   22 Jul 2000
the rain texture is very hard to see, and must be used in nly certain cases. in wasp's reloader the rain was used very well because everything around it was dark enough to see the rain, in this map everything is way too bright for the rain to stand out.. but it is there.

On the map itself, it is good. i dont really like cramped maps but this one isnt all that bad. i give it a 6

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not entered unregistered
#17   22 Jul 2000
there is rain in this map, its very faint but its there.just look up at any opening in the ceiling.
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maN[i]Ac unregistered
#16   21 Jul 2000
Thanks for responding. I looked again REALLY hard for rain, and I'm quite sure there wasn't any. Too bad...
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not entered unregistered
#15   21 Jul 2000
You might be missing the rain, it's very hard to see, on my card, anyway.. (tnt2 in win2k)

It does feel a little cramped, but overall, it's a pretty nice map.

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maN[i]Ac unregistered
#14   21 Jul 2000
I have a question that has been bothering me for a little while about "rain" in maps. I've downloaded a couple maps (including this one) which allegedly have rain in them, but I'm sure I've never seen any. I hear the rain sound and thunder, but there isn't any rain falling. Is there a game setting that I need to set, is it a problem with my video card, or what?

Oh yeah, and I do like this map :b

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Captain Chaos unregistered
#13   21 Jul 2000
Thanks alot Octovus for your help, but I have tried what you suggest to no avail.

I'm afraid there appears to be no other option left to me, except to take a sledge hammer to the CD and Carmack's Ferrari.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#12   21 Jul 2000

::shakes head::

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OMFG unregistered
#11   21 Jul 2000
NOOOOO! NOOOOOO! IT CANT BE! THOSE COMMENTS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE FOR smo2v2! Omfg what have I done (well with the maps comments anyway) shoots self in head


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Octovus unregistered
#10   21 Jul 2000
Throw you out in the third paragraph, as in if no one tries to frag you while camping. Oh and pjw, that jump down to the mh was fun =0
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Octovus unregistered
#9   21 Jul 2000
Ok, and now for the map (Don't ban me when you get back Tig! I beg of you!!! =) ).

Well um I dunno if it was my system or what but..er..I didn't notice any rain or thunder? This stuff wouldn't for some odd reason fall under the category of music would it? Just wondering as I have music turned OFF.

But the map was good. DAM GOOD!

The RA and the MH were surely campable, but the level was big enough that in a FFA an important fact is apparent: You can camp there, but if no one decides to try and throw you out what good will it do? You'll lose frags while you sit there waiting for the spawn.

The big rooms with floors and bouncepads to the rl were a little odd. Nothing was really there to lure you, besides the rl, and yet somehow the bots loved them.

I truly loved how one got to the RG though, that portal is so cool! Did you have to make the model or is that a baseq3 thing I've never seen? (and no, I didn't read the readme if it says something in there =P)

The rg wasn't all that useful from the tower though, as except for the MH room it was hard to snipe anyone since they seemed to stay near the towers inside walls.

It is very cool how this box map (a huge box) is divided into four sections, with a tower in the middle and a tele to the rg underneath. I don't quite understand the change of looks on the way to the RG tele though.

All in all, a good solid download. When I loaded it up with my standard first-play (of a map) settings of no timelimit, 30 fraglimit, I changed the fraglimit to 50 after looking around before even adding the bots. Good (wholesome?) fun!

L8rs! Octovus

hopes that makes up for the long troubleshooting post

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Octovus unregistered
#8   21 Jul 2000
First, I'll assume you KNOW it isn't your connection. I've been having a lot of trouble with that lately, and you can't very well get a response from the master server.

One easy thing to do would be to get Gamespy and see if that works. The ingame browser for Q3A can be a little buggy.

You said it sometimes crashes when you click the multiplayer button. Is this as in blue-screen of death or frozen-screen of doom? I've gotten the freezing a lot before, and I think that was only when my connect was dead for some reason or other (leave it to Rogers).

The master server for Q3A has been down several times. I don't know why, but I do know it wasn't my connect. That might explain Some of the no responses.

But if it crashes when you join a server....well here goes, I am about to embarass myself for probably no reason at all.

When I installed Q3A, I noticed the CD Key on the back, but it never asked about my CD Key when I ran it so I didn't worry (unlike HL were it bugs you for it before you can play, this is a good thing). Little did I know that in the setup menu lurked a Enter CD Key option. I had the server crashing bug numerous times until I figured out to enter the damned thing.

Finally, if you enter the server (as in it loads the level, items, players and then you "enter the game")and when you spawn everything is screwy, like a chopped in half picture of one player, or you are looking at the ground, or essentially see ANYPART of the action frozen on screen, in a somewhat less than normal way ( =0 )9/10 times it is because it is a pure server and it thinks you aren't pure. This would mostly be because you've mixed around with some of your baseq3 pk3s that come with the game, therefore becoming and "unpure client". If you have done that, then put things back where they were in the first place!

You probably knew all this already and this won't even help a bit, but at least you know someone listened to you! =)

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Octovus unregistered
#7   21 Jul 2000
Ok ok, this isn't a troubleshooting forum. But what the hell, I'll do that and comment at the same time (the commentors will play while the admins are away).

First my troubleshooting post.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   21 Jul 2000
Mmm, BTW, my itemset comment was about tourney play. In FFA I don't think it would be a problem.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#5   21 Jul 2000
Yeah, the itemset's a bit dodgy here.

The "sights and sounds" are nicely done.

Only structural complaint I have is that it seems vertically squashed in places. If you like to strafejump (or sometimes, even if you don't) you'll be hitting your head a lot. Oh, and a few places in the "rocky terrain" where it's easy to get hung up or stuck while fighting... kinda frustrating when that happens.

Anyway, gameplay is definitely above average IMO, and the aesthetics are pretty cool, might as well check it out.

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not entered unregistered
#4   21 Jul 2000
Thanks alot Redfive and Kevin for your advice; but I encountered these bugs even after a clean re-install of windows and Q3.

Anybody else got some suggestions on how I can prevent these problems.

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RedFive unregistered
#3   21 Jul 2000
If it's been more than six months since your last Windoze install/re-install, it's more than time for it !!! Can somebody nuke Redmond, WA ????
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Kevin unregistered
#2   21 Jul 2000
i've had things similar happen to me, too, but very few and far between. usually a re-install of the game or windows clears stuff up.

this is a really nice map. haven't played any bots - just ran around. the rain is kickin', the thunder claps are great in aiding the effect, the sky is great, and the textures are tasty. the only complaint i have it the curves, or lack thereof. =) C'MON! curves are one of THE q3 hallmarks. if someone's gonna' do a curve, do a CURVE. otherwise, a great map is left a good map, imho, as they tend to look more reminiscent of a q2 era map.

good job though. i like it.

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not entered unregistered
#1   21 Jul 2000
I am having some difficulties with the multiplayer mode of Q3. The problems are as follows:

1) I often get a system crash when I click on the multiplayer option from the main menu; I can get out of this sometimes if I press 'ctrl, alt,del' numerous times.

2) When attempting to search for servers on Q3's multiplayer screen, I frequently get this message: 'No respoonse from master server'

3) Occasionally I am able to load servers, but when I choose one and click on the fight button I regularly get another crash, sometimes accompanied by a beeping noise similar to what you get when you scroll through options on the menus.

I hope someone can help, as I am so frustrated that I am about to eat my Q3 CD; who knows, it may taste all right?

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