niv3space1 by NiVeN
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6056
#7   10 Aug 2008
there's a fine line between tricky and annoying; this map seems to have crossed it and sometimes a map is so tedious players just couldnt be bothered going into detail with what's wrong with it - but i'll try. this isn't a navigation issue - inspite the small size you can move about - where you really notice it is in the respawn. you just cant hit the ground running because chances are you will be right on the edge of a platform and by the time you get your bearings someone will have knocked you off. the lightning and rail guns will be the weapons of choice. the sniping platform will change hands but you will struggle to gain a hold on the map while someone has this spot. the trick will be in keeping players from reaching it in the first place. the mh and ra are within easy sight for sniping
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niven unregistered
#6   27 Jul 2000
unpack it to baseq3 folder

in quake3 console write

map niv3space1

and press ENTER


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Dean Robins unregistered
#5   27 Jul 2000
I downloaded this one and i can't get ht ething to load
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STa|Amkacz unregistered
#4   25 Jul 2000
Niven czy my czasme nie gralismy na resecie pm ?

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MisYu unregistered
#3   25 Jul 2000
niven, po skrenach wydaje sie great map :D
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niven unregistered
#2   23 Jul 2000
idz lepiej cieciu mapki do q1 robic ;-))

hehehe ta mapa powstala gdy mi sie nudzilo w trakcie kompilowania niv3dm1 :>>

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MisYu unregistered
#1   22 Jul 2000
great map

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