Genom Warehouse [DM Edition]
by W2k
Genom Warehouse [DM Edition] by W2k
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$ilver$oldier Rep. 0
#31   20 Jul 2019
Still a great map after 19 years! Awesome map conversion. :)
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:D unregistered
#30   14 Jul 2019
Hey $ilver$oldier!
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Nitebeat unregistered
#29   27 Jul 2002
Damn, bots always used to beat me on this map. No matter what I did, those little sobs managed to win the game over and over again. ONly on this map. weird =-I

ah it's been a long time...

Anyway, I did like playing this map though ;-)

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W2k unregistered
#28   22 Dec 2000
Mirror is down, sorry about that. Also Urban Warfare has moved to www.thecplcoverage...hosted/warfare/


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felonious unregistered
#27   29 Aug 2000
good friggin map, nice for ig+

Its a keeper

Agree (1) or Disagree (0) unregistered
#26   07 Aug 2000
I loved this map in Counterstrike (half-life mod) and i am gonna give it a shot, but if it sucks, you'll hear about it.
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Tyre unregistered
#25   27 Jul 2000
A lot of work went into this; shame the author couldn't spare a couple of minutes to make an arena file for it.

Looks nice, but too big and dark for its own good.

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not entered unregistered
#24   20 Jul 2000
This map is from counterstrike and i must say it looks better here
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W2k unregistered
#23   20 Jul 2000
Regarding zip errors, download problems:

I put up my own mirror of the .zip ... no changes to the map or anything but hopefully the downloads will go smoother, so I needn't email the map to every1 who gets a broken DL from LvL.

The mirror is:

I will also add that version 1.3 of this map (the one you can get from here is 1.1) will be in the next release of the Urban Warfare mod. Y'all should be looking forward to it. UW's homepage is

Enjoy the map, get that score up damnit :)

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ZIP PROBLEM unregistered
#22   19 Jul 2000

This map looks like it would be awesome, but I have downloaded it 4 times from all different sources and everytime winzip says it is an invalid archive and it won't open! What gives?

Please, anyone, help!


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Shurick unregistered
#21   19 Jul 2000
This map is goog. The rank is 8.

How could I get this damn BFG on the top oh this crates???

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not entered unregistered
#20   18 Jul 2000
weapons don't really suit this map. rail gun domiantes too much. more of a real life weapons map than a quake map. ie don't really suit quake; leave it to the CS people.
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not entered unregistered
#19   17 Jul 2000
totally unoriginal. I hate the damn CS map it's derivative of, but maybe it could work better in Q3A.
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zipfruder unregistered
#18   17 Jul 2000
if there was a leak, the r_speeds would be much greater overall, specifically, turning on r_showtris in that area, reveals that a huge chunk of the map is being shown from that perspercetive.
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$ilver$oldier unregistered
#17   17 Jul 2000
i like this map,nice conversation.

a few things are not the same,but it's ok

if you play this map with a Urban Warfare it's even cooler

with the reallife weapons,then it looks a little bit like counter-strike :-)

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Dutch unregistered
#16   16 Jul 2000
I love city / real type maps . This one is good , but I think online play or on a lan is the best way to play this one as the bots tend to congregate in the central area where that "tunnel" goes under the building. All one has to do is stand back and keep firing rockets through the tunnel and it is frag city. I don't think bot play is good at all as our host suggests. I think playing against humans is the only way to go especially in this case.
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RedFive unregistered
#15   15 Jul 2000
This map looks really good, but I find it a bit huge in my taste. Even strafe-jumping all the time it feels like you're walking very slow. Another thing that turned me off is the lack of an arena file; If I had to remember all the map names in my HD I'd go nuts!

Anyways, nice map, but as I'm not a fan of team DM or 24 player FFA, I won't use it a lot. But if you do a 1v1 size map with this theme I'll love it for sure! So I won't let my gameplay style bias my vote. Here's an 8.

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Gamof unregistered
#14   15 Jul 2000
cool map man. i really kicked ass in there dude!
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W2k unregistered
#13   15 Jul 2000
(reply to mac's comment)

Newbie? Me? Bah! I've been making maps since the DooM days, kid.

Of course I compile out of q3radiant. I'm quite sure there's no leak, as that would've prevented the generation of a .prt file, which would've effectively prevented me from vising the

map, which I distinctly remember doing :) Plus I would've seen the LEAK error message.

Also read LvL's submission page. Had there been a leak, they wouldn't have reviewed it.

I loaded up the map (v1.3) to try and find this 'leak' you claim to have found, but came up empty - so I downloaded the map (v1.1) from LvL and woohoo, the r_speeds did look rather weird in that spot. My fps remained unaffected though, and noone but you has reported this problem, so this is a typical 'error-which-you-won't-see-unless-you-look-for-it'.

Damnit, why is the score down to 5.38? 26 votes? Methinks someone has been trolling .. ah well.


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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#12   14 Jul 2000
Cool map! I have always liked city maps. Not the best one ive played though. I havent seen this cs_assault thingy-whatever, but still a good map anyway.
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mac unregistered
#11   14 Jul 2000
i think conversations are not that bad.. if youre a newbie thats a good way to leran how the editor works.. but its not your original idea its only a copy as good as you make it its still a copy.. and one thing in one are in front of the big entrance to the warehouse if you look in the direction where the big houses are there must be a leak because the r_speed is around 8K but the fps goes down to near zero.. check this out .. possible you not saw this thing if you don't compile out of q3radiant

greets mac

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W2k unregistered
#10   14 Jul 2000
Reading all these comments sure is interesting, not to mention funny :) It's also nice to see that people are enjoying my map. (Mimi, the world needs more people as kind as you)

I have to admit though, while the readme states in several places that this is a cs_assault conversion and not a 100% original map, there is no mention of the name of the original author - mainly because I didn't know it at the time. The man's (nick)name is 'CryptR', so a sizeable bit of the credit for 'Genom Warehouse' goes to him.


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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#9   14 Jul 2000
You tell em Mimi; these guys need more pictures in the read-me file as otherwise their brains begin to hurt real bad and smoke puffs out their ears.

This is an excellent urban map, one of the best I've seen yet. Though I didn't care much for the red glass in some of the windows; W2K what were you thinking lad! (use Star Trek's 'Scotty' accent)


Mimi; Mimi; I'd walk a thousand miles for one of your smiles, Oh Miiiiiiiiimiiiiii! (Use Jolson accent)

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than unregistered
#8   14 Jul 2000
ok, my bad :)

I didn't read the readme and had I done so I would have noted the mention of the original author and map etc. Sorry.

I downloaded it anyway and I must say I like the lighting outside. Some of the architecture in places was a little suspect though (nmainly just the steps really) but overall it seemed like a pretty solid map.


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Bigalski unregistered
#7   13 Jul 2000
Actually i liked the map a lot, and its a fine conversion, i just stopped by to see what was up and decided to post the difference. Seeing as this in not plagerism, this is one great map by one great artist:) As ole wolverine would say "NUFF SAID"

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#6   13 Jul 2000
I take it the title 'Genom Warehouse' is an homage to bubblegum crisis then?
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Mimi unregistered
#5   13 Jul 2000
-- W2K already states very clearly in his README.TXT that this is a HL-CSA converted to Q3 with his own modifications.
-- He even gave credits to the people who helped him with the converted map.

-- “Plagiarism”, “Rip-off” … Those are unkind & very unfair words for W2K.

-- What’s wrong? Did you read the README.TXT?
-- Have you not ever seen a map based on another the map?
-- Have you not ever seen any conversion map from one game type to another game?
-- Have you not ever seen an author add his /her own ideas to make a better map for the target game type?

-- This map received a very good review from the every respected reviewers of LvL site. But we have not yet seen one good comment explains the reason why this excellent map being vote down to low 5.33.

-- Vote down for any map without proper critiques/explanations about the game play, bots play, map construction is as bad as “Plagiarism”.
-- Low score vote without explanations to the author, it’s definitely a “Rip-off” of all the hard works / labor of love /all dedicated times of the map designers.

-- Genom Warehouse is of the best city theme map and an excellent Q3 converted map with good horizontal and vertical plays for single user who plays with a lot of bots.

-- It has good horizontal/vertical design, action on top of buildings, inside buildings, on streets level and it is big enough to concurrently accommodate all type of Q3 players on the multiple-players mode with no big slow down.
-- It’s very good/fast/fun and we have very wonderful times with the map on own LAN parties.
-- The map also works well with many Q3 mods, and Q3 action mods with real weapon models. We like it more than the original HL-CSA map when play with Q3 mods.

-- A must have and it’s well worth your download times.

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Bigalski unregistered
#4   13 Jul 2000
Well, is this man the original authour as well? if so, then thats no big deal, but if not, then this is plagerism
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Logaen unregistered
#3   13 Jul 2000
Yeah, the readme also says it's a "cs_assault" conversion .. and IMHO it's a good 1, too.

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Grack unregistered
#2   13 Jul 2000
I most definatly agree with than... besides some changes it is a ripoff of cs_assault.
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than unregistered
#1   13 Jul 2000
I'll just mention that from the screeny this appears to be a conversion of the counter-strike map cs_assault
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