Genom Warehouse [DM Edition]
by W2k
Genom Warehouse [DM Edition] by W2k

This release is a Quake 3 Arena version of the classic Half-Life:Counterstrike map Assault (cs_assault).

A damn fine city themed map set in a warehouse district. The r_speeds are really good throughout and so is the gameplay. Some features seems a little blocky (like the steps) but most of the architecture and detailing works really well.

The texturing is great and really helps to carry the theme of the level. A noclip (after devmap w4warehouse) reveals a little secret for manga fans. Bot play is good.

A city map that is well worth a closer look.

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (68 votes)

Download: Genom Warehouse [DM Edition] by W2k