Innate by Atle Holm
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Tig Rep. 1224
#3   05 Jun 2011
'Innate' is what is in the readme, so I can only assume that is what the author wanted. Innate is a real word, it means:
Of or produced by the mind rather than learned through experience: an innate knowledge of right and wrong. - from:
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2210
#2   05 Jun 2011
Is this supposed to be spelled as "innate"? sounds like Inmate. Anyway, the map really is dark. But the gameplay was OK. 2.5

Also isn't innate and adjective? I mean...I sometimes think its hard for an adjective to be a title.
Edited: 05 Jun 2011 AEST

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Zarathustra unregistered
#1   20 Jul 2000
This map is definitely too dark, as Tigger says. I get the feeling that many authors think dark is somehow magically "atmospheric." The real key is to have dynamic light and shadow, not darkness per se. Or, maybe they have their gamma and monitor brightness set as high as it will go and don't notice it. Either way, its a bad choice.

Also, the flow and gameplay is very broken and jerky. It's not fun to navigate overall. Creating a map where one of the cheif challenges is learning how to get through doors and passageways is a formula for disaster.

The architecture isn't very interesting overall. There are a few nice ideas, but they probably don't all belong in the same map.

Better luck next time.

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