by DeV
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hannibal unregistered
#27   11 Aug 2001
This map has aged quite well, certainly in the play department. Dev I hope you haven't quit mapping for Q3...you were just hittin' your stride. :)
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DeV unregistered
#26   21 Aug 2000
Thanx everyone for downloading this map and for all the comments, you seem to like this map... i haven't expected such high score.

I'm now finishing DEVDM3, it will be ready this week, and it gonna ROCK (a 1/1 fast as hell map)

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Weezer unregistered
#25   14 Aug 2000
Solid map.

keep it up-

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Tyre unregistered
#24   10 Aug 2000
I've been coming back to this one more and more - the layout really does feel original. It's just a shame that the fps couldn't have been a bit better.
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Drew J unregistered
#23   08 Aug 2000
This map Rocks.....love the window display!!!

Viva Poland!

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K3RMiT unregistered
#22   03 Aug 2000
But Clanarena 2/2 on OSP with really rokz
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K3RMiT unregistered
#21   28 Jul 2000
In Poland NOBODY plays 1/1 on q3dm6
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Bad Spammer unregistered
#20   25 Jul 2000
It isn't too large for 1/1, it's still smaller than q3dm13 (and q3dm6 which is so popular duel map in USA)
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K3RMiT unregistered
#19   25 Jul 2000
Ok Niven

You shouldn't too (comments on devdm1 :))

Really cool map, but i think it's too large for 1/1

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Bad Spammer unregistered
#18   23 Jul 2000
This map rokkz! The architecture is cool and the gameplay is even better. I give it a 9.

Has anybody found the 'secret'???

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niven unregistered
#17   23 Jul 2000
You shouldn't speak polish on a english oriented site. Almost no one can understand you and the rest gets pretty nervous and frustrated :P
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Mack unregistered
#16   23 Jul 2000
No rzesz qrde jakiego paskudztwa? ;)

Nice map, really well done, I love it.

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K3RMiT unregistered
#15   23 Jul 2000
No, no nastepny Polak na LvL

Namnozylo sie paskudztwa ;)


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Karaczan unregistered
#14   17 Jul 2000
Rafal zrob cos bo nie idzie twej mapy sciagnac

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Niptlar unregistered
#13   15 Jul 2000
IsProMode {level.weapons[]) {

if ((level.weapons[SHOTGUN]) && (level.weapons[GRENADE_LAUNCHER]) && (level.weapons[ROCKET_LAUNCHER]) && (level.weapons[LIGHTNING]) && (level.weapons[RAILGUN]) && (!level.weapons[PLASMAGUN]) && (!level.weapons[BFG)) {

return TRUE;

} else {




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GAMOF unregistered
#12   15 Jul 2000
Oh i almost forgot..... great map loved the texture's u used. but i am not as supremely skilled to kick a on it as i am on other maps!

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GAMOF unregistered
#11   15 Jul 2000
Yo captain dude! did you go to some yuppie, long-winded school or somthin' ????
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RedFive unregistered
#10   15 Jul 2000
I really like this one! It's a bit on the bright side, but the gameplay makes up for that. Here's a well deserved 9 !!!
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SiCdeth unregistered
#9   14 Jul 2000
damn niven, whatever happened to ure map that one with the butterflys and stuff, did it ever go final or what?

btw, nice map i like the glass where u can see the gibs.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#8   14 Jul 2000
Well... notallmaps. This one works well with it tho (like Tig and the author say).

The Lansanity version has some annoying sound bugs, but those should be fixed with the next release.

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niven unregistered
#7   14 Jul 2000
Lansanity is awesome !!

And I'm proud that we have such talented map makers like Dev in my country :)

Planetquake wants to ban promode because if it becomes a standard they'll have to rename the site to "planetpromode" ;-)) and it's too much work.

Actually I can't switch to Vanillaq3 anymore. Why should I ?

All maps are better with pro mode.

A poza tym niezla robota rafale :>>

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nitin unregistered
#6   14 Jul 2000
Very nice work!
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xylem unregistered
#5   14 Jul 2000
Very cool mad DeV,havent played any tourneys yet but even bot play was superb.

btw. the new lansanity promode release R0X0R'S!! Give it ago, dont listen to what planetquake or any other people who judge it without even playing it!

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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#4   14 Jul 2000
Sorry for deviating from the topic of the map, but I wish to hear others opinions on a particular matter.

Recently certain players have been awarding a score of zero (0) to specific maps in order to lower the average score, because they think it is too high. Personally I think this is a manipulative way to score a map and I consider it as malicious tampering with the points given to that level. Id created Quake 3 Arena for the masses and not a select few hardcore players; so people who award such ridiculously low scores to a map that has received merits from the wider Quake community, obviously are deluded into thinking they are so important that they deserve the right to fix scores and are nothing but a bunch of Prima donnas.

If you have any integrity whatsoever, you should award a PROPER score for a map instead of engaging in this unsporting practise, after all, designers earn the right to be treated fairly by us since they normally spend a substanial amount of time and effort to create an arena for our enjoyment. The present kind of lamer katz behaviour that we are seeing is a bit unfair and must be disheartening for the designer, don't you think?

If you guys who play without textures and who like fast skies are so macho then take up a man's sport like Canadian Ice Hockey or American Football, then we'll see how hardcore you really are!

Come on guys, let's not become like the judges at boxing matches!

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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   13 Jul 2000
Wow, slow night tonight.

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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#2   13 Jul 2000
This map has an interesting layout and also includes some vertical gameplay; hooray!

The gothic textures used have been excellently combined and the overall appearance of the level is quite good, though I agree with Tigger that some sections seem overly bright.

Expect that the map will be reasonable for tournies, but at present 'Lost Forever' by Kodiak sets a high standard that few attain to.


(8.5 really but this isn't possible yet)

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Johnny Law unregistered
#1   13 Jul 2000
Noice. Outstanding for small FFAs;perhapsjust a tad large for 1-on-1, but I dunno, maybe not... it works well with a bot anyway. Great layout.

I remember devdm1 (I think) as being fun but a little basic. This map is at the next level altogether. Give it a go!

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