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The Lenghtned
The Lenghtned by Deathmonger
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#5   16 Aug 2000
Well... er... it's not really that different from the original, is it? Even for a space map junkie like me, I have to wonder what the point of this was. But it's not shit, so the 1.29 score ( current ) is way off. It's just a bit pointless!

5/10 ( if you HAVE to have EVERY space map )

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LowGun unregistered
#4   18 Jul 2000
Is this the same deathmonger who made coliseum2?
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4Fuxache unregistered
#3   17 Jul 2000
pretty cool I like it
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Cranial_Bore unregistered
#2   16 Jul 2000
stop the madness. NO MORE SPACE.

especially remakes

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Niptlar unregistered
#1   15 Jul 2000
The last thing any of us need is another q3dm17 remake. Sorry man, try a new idea.
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