Railgun Void
Railgun Void by Mista T
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Takkie Rep. 1708
#9   07 Apr 2015
Very cool map. Bot play is good. The connectivity between platforms is also nice. I love the minimal style.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2220
#8   01 Jul 2014
This map doesn't look like much, but it's got it where it counts in gameplay. I would love it if it was a default map, but I only download an keep maps that stand out.
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Reptile unregistered
#7   21 Apr 2001
Nice going.
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Sanane unregistered
#6   19 Dec 2000
I have played this map thoroughly :)). Well bot play is good, I like the item placement and TEAM PLAY in this map. 2vs2 team play is something that needs to be carefull since you have to control the items, since they show up every 30sec. So u might get only machine gun in the whole game. But I think spawning points must be considered again by the map designer. 8/10.
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SiR. Fackera© [S.F.] unregistered
#5   30 Jun 2000
RailGun The Best


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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   26 Jun 2000
Try typing the following at the console:

sv_pure 0
map q3matt2

If that is not correct try sv_pure 1 (I've forgotten which is correct :])

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not entered unregistered
#3   25 Jun 2000
when i try to launch the map it kicks me back to my desktop. is it me? or is anybody else having this problem.how do you fix it.
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Big D unregistered
#2   25 Jun 2000
Very nice.


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darkamus unregistered
#1   24 Jun 2000
not bad not bad at all
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