Supacaca by SPRAM
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gooball Rep. 1091
#13   18 Aug 2011
Hey, It got a -20 from Cranky Steve! :D lol
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2342
#12   14 Jul 2011
The only reason I downloaded this was to see the Cacodemon picture.
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better than u unregistered
#11   08 Jul 2000
IT was good only that there was way to many missing textures, and you thought it was done. (hahaha)
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Trueplayer unregistered
#10   29 Jun 2000
pretty good map , play it after you have took some counscious-enlarging drugs and it makes even more fun because of its impressind colors
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RedFive unregistered
#9   25 Jun 2000
I guess I wasn't the only one, heh Bauul ???
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Niptlar unregistered
#8   24 Jun 2000
I'm missing texture atech1_f . If you add that one in, then I think we might have a decent level here.

Good balance save the lack of yellow armor.

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Bauul unregistered
#7   24 Jun 2000
Rio, Tigger changed the comment after I pointed out his mistake! And the map in question is totally wild, but quite a good laugh.

Refive, no-one else gets missing textures. Sorry!

Still, I think the caco whould have been used more places, not just once. And I beleive some of the minor details are slightly off, but I won't complain to much.

Oh yeah, and "whp" shoould read "who". Come on! O and P are next to each other on the key board!

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RedFive unregistered
#6   24 Jun 2000
OK. Is it just me or is there twenty thousand missing textures? I have the TWCTF textures, a shitload of custom maps, and yet I don't have enough textures? WTF is that ?!?!?!
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Spram unregistered
#5   24 Jun 2000
I havent read any of your reviews yet, but I must say this: I'M REALLY SORRY!

I know this level sucks. Ironically my Half-Life maps recieved low scores on bad weapon placements and high scores on originality and atmospher.. I'm sure you guys will flame me so freaking hard... I'm sorry. Ok, I'm gonna read the comments now...

Ok. I'll have to send this one to Cranky Steve myself then. I expected a lot of flames.

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RiO unregistered
#4   24 Jun 2000
Bauul, what are you on? Tigger said that the cacodemon was drom D1 and 2. I venture to suggest he is a better player than you also.

I liked the map, actually. Novelties like this are often fun, if only for a while, and this is a keeper for now. 7/10.

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Sickle unregistered
#3   24 Jun 2000
Interesting level, Interesting textures, some fun... Pretty much a good map...
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   24 Jun 2000
Well.. I played Doom2 (a lot, loved it) and to be honest I found Wolf and Doom boring, and the Cacodemon was in Doom2 - so the comment is correct (I just weighted to what I enjoyed). And your right Bauul, I must be a Newbie whp started with Quake, cause, like you know everything, and you must be l33t.

I've corrected the comment, thanx for pointing it out Bauul.

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Bauul unregistered
#1   24 Jun 2000
Actually, as every true gamer knows, the Cacodemon was present in the orginal Doom as well as all its sequals.

Evedentally, whoever wrote the review has no real past to playing First Person Shooters, and is just a Newbie whp started with Quake.

Ok, so now I'm just babbling.

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