Caliburnus by Ned Man
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FragTastic Rep. 2353
#38   29 Feb 2012
Loving the giant sword :). I love the fiery textures you put in the map it's just wonderful. 9.5/10
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2372
#37   14 Jul 2011
What was up with the giant sword?!

Other than that-pretty good map.

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-=Sal_Manilla=- unregistered
#36   07 May 2001
I luv it! = ) BUT...did anyone have a lag problem around the jump pads and base of the sword? It's not my system..1Ghz..256 pc133..etc...

help me..I DO LUV THIS MAP!

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Avatar unregistered
#35   12 Nov 2000
Hey, this is a good map! I like the layout. It can hold quite a lot of people inside (more than 4-9) and not feel crowded.

The bot play was decent, but they sure like to congregate! I found that their meeting place kept moving in a 150 frag game... sometimes the sword room (kick-ass sword!) sometimes under the RL, sometimes the plasma. Oh well.

Also saw a few hallways where the seams did not fit perfectly (litle pinholes in corners, etc.) but the look is great otherwise!

Good job!

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FuzzyBunny unregistered
#34   03 Nov 2000
The big sword is really cool and the overall map is well balanced.
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Vai unregistered
#33   21 Oct 2000
Wow! I was running around searching for the best maps here at lvl and ran accrossed this map and just had to look at the screenshot. It was so kick-ass that I had to dwnload it.

Once I got inside the level...I was just blown away. My jaw dropped when I saw the sword. It's gorgeous. The map was also fun to play.

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LordBerni unregistered
#32   21 Oct 2000
WOW This map's to coooooool for this world!!!
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StH unregistered
#31   14 Sep 2000
hey kudos dude! excellent light sourcing and shadowing. i lovethe high gothic windows and the very Anne Rice feel. and of course the sword made the whole map a real standout. keep up the great work!
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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#30   09 Aug 2000
I'm not by and large one for yet more Gothic/Castle type things, but this is just so well put together that you have to add it to your collection. The huge sword is a really nice bit of building, and adds a much-needed dose of variety to what could have been "just another gothic one". Bots play fine, and I didn't get the problem with them all hanging out in the sword room. In fact each time I went in there to get the Quad, it was quite a struggle to find some new victims before the damn thing ran out! Not a real problem, though. Oh, and Drew J - is that religious intolerance rearing its ugly head? It's just a picture, man, relax! An excellent level for your hard drive ( and this is coming from a die-hard space map fan... ).


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Drew J unregistered
#29   08 Aug 2000
Very well made and detailed map. My only problem and it is a big one is that idsoftware is sooo preoccupied with satanic imagery......why? Useless for the game. Bounce pads with pentagrams, pentagram lights, pentagram ceiling fixtures, inverted crosses seen in "hell's gate" and "demon Keep" from the game. The game is cool without all that shit. Demon heads, skulls, dead bodies...sure. Pentagrams and inverted crosses.....NOT. This map maker has talent; just leave that shit out next time.....Don't let id take away your ability to do better without the offensive material.


With satanic shit: 7.5

Without satanic shit:

priceless 10

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The Dead Guy unregistered
#28   25 Jul 2000
Great FFA map Ned Man. Big improvement over Majesty in my not very humble opinion. :)

My nit picks would be the abundance of powerups. This is a moot point however since it's obviously not a tourney map. Powerups in FFA's can be fun. I would love to see you make a small to medium sized tounrey map sans powerups and with a good vertical layout (maps with good vertical action give me wood).

Scored it a 9. Keep up the work.

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undeaDDisney unregistered
#27   06 Jul 2000
To be honest: Yes, I did enjoy playing your map! (And I'm doing it, still!)
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Ned Man unregistered
#26   03 Jul 2000
Feels like a good time to respond :)

I really enjoy reading ya'lls comments, and feel free to nit pick. :)

It's interesting to see what little things about the map you didn't like.

What's important to me is...with the nit picks aside...

Did you enjoy the map? :)

After all, I design maps for your enjoyment. ;) (ok, yeah, I do get a kick out of it too)

Also, I not sure why the map locks up Q3 when playing it with the OSP mod. I've worked with Highlander this past week tring to figure out what the deal is. The map doesn't crash Q3 in other mods. However, The lead programmer of OSP is looking into the matter now, so hopefully I'll found out what's going on.

Well, like I said...keep your honest comments/scores acome'n and...

Thank you for playing Caliburnus!! :)

Ned Man

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not entered unregistered
#25   02 Jul 2000
i havenm seen you other quake 3 level yet but i will proably end up d/l it. it look like a cool arena
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not entered unregistered
#24   02 Jul 2000
the arena looks great but there is never anybody there you need to get some people to d/l it so it will be fun to play in bots get old and fast get some ppl. in there and it will be great
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Dutch unregistered
#23   02 Jul 2000
Hey Prophet please excuse my failure to notice the score you gave at the bottom of your previous post. You obviously know what rocks.Ned may your mapping life be long and prosperous for us all for years to come.
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aardvark unregistered
#22   01 Jul 2000
Cool sword. Cooler stuff happening where the sword pierces the floor. ; )

But, there really isn't a decent place to get a good view of the sword 'in all of its glory' without noclipping.

sigh Oh well...

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Prophet unregistered
#21   28 Jun 2000
Hey Clyde3d, I've already said it. I think a 9 says enough, doesn't it? :)
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Highlander unregistered
#20   27 Jun 2000
Ive emailed Ned about it but i figured id mention it here also. The map crashes the MiC OSP Clan Arena server every time. At the scoreboard at the end of a round itll lock up the server..boom..dead..


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Zarathustra unregistered
#19   27 Jun 2000
Great job, Ned Man!

This is a really nice level. Nice multi-tiered play, and good spaces to romp in. And, its not too small, IMO.

Do I really need to mention the sword? Well, actually, I liked it more than I thought I would. It really is cool and works very well in the level. It lends a kind of backstory to the whole thing.

Yes, it was a bit dark at times, but I give it a "9" for execution, originality and fun.

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Clyde3d unregistered
#18   27 Jun 2000
I like the red light beams coming through the window. It adds to the ambience. I think some of us are a little nit picky. That is ok ,but fess up...the level rocks...doesn't it....come on say it.
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Prophet unregistered
#17   27 Jun 2000
Mighty big sword eh? I like the map, but that red dustbeams coming from the windows doesn't really add.

I would remove it.


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Mar. unregistered
#16   27 Jun 2000
Looks Farqing good to me... Nice work.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#15   26 Jun 2000
titled in 6th line is supposed to be tilted.. duh!
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SiCdeth unregistered
#14   26 Jun 2000

this is an incredible map, that sword is awesome, and those red light beams coming through the windows are awesome! cant comment on gameplay cuz i was too lazy to add bots when i first played at 4:30 in the morning! the only thing i have bad to say about this map, is that i got a little dizzy looking at the titled sword, but maybe cuz it was so damn early oh well.

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The Manne unregistered
#13   26 Jun 2000
Sword is nice as is the red light coming from the windows. The layout is unfortunately quite uninspiring.
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micamica1217 unregistered
#12   25 Jun 2000
well this was just fabulus.

I did find that the bots liked the sword room the most,but this is just a nit pic.

the sword handle was fine with me.

item placement was fine.(do we really need YA near 2 healths)

bots seemed to go for everything.

textures was great for gothic.

I would like to have a little more light,but it did set the mood for me.

even with 5 bots it was fast for its size.

I did see it go down to 40fps in some places.(P3 450-DDR-128ram)

good work.

It's a keeper.

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Maco144 unregistered
#11   25 Jun 2000
please teach me how to have sex w/ a map cause this map is gorgeous, it plays great too.
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RedFive unregistered
#10   25 Jun 2000
Thanks for the alternative dload site, and no thanks to FKplanet of course. These people should go bankrupt and start under a new name !!!

As for the map, I really like the layout but I find it a tad dark and thus, a massive strain on the eye-balls. But I'm sure my lowly (a 400, lowly... Jeezus !!!) 'puter is part of the problem. Anyways, keep it up, Ned !!!

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[iF]Gonad unregistered
#9   25 Jun 2000
Wow Ned! This is by far the most beautiful Gothic map that I have ever seen or played. Your work keeps getting better and better.

I thought the sword was perfect and did not think the handle too small....if your careful, you can get from one end of the hand guard to the other without falling off. I think the size discourages wouldbe campers :-)

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KODIAK unregistered
#8   24 Jun 2000

Love that sword Ned!

A truly original idea!

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Dutch unregistered
#7   24 Jun 2000
Clyde and I of of one mind on this...It rocks. Ok I see some people have a problem with the powerups. To say it ruins the level is stupid. Anyone heard of mods? Hello? You can tweak all the weapons, Items and powerups with them. Seek and be happy. Go NED !!!
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Clyde3d unregistered
#6   24 Jun 2000
Ok first off this screen shot is way to dark. I'm afraid it will turn people off to this...playable art. I don't use that phrase unless it is deserved. I know Ned spent many many hours on this and many tweaking it to near perfection. As far as the handle being too small...I think it is a little nit picky. Just play the level enjoy the texturing ,sounds and great flow. Gothic can be done well and is much appreciated in this example. Thank you Ned for the hard work you put in it certainly shows.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   24 Jun 2000
Adding the authors homepage is a good idea, but often the author changes their site or their download will disappear etc... however its still a good idea and I'll see what i can do.
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Anduu[HAR] unregistered
#4   24 Jun 2000
Beautiful looking map...just moseyed aroundcan't wait to play on it =]

Lots of interconnections which I love BTW !

The only beef I have is that the sword looks out of proportion(the handle looks too small...)I would have made that recessed section of ceiling above it open to the sky and made the handle of the sword thicker and longer so it would poke out the top.

The ambient sounds are cool too ;)

I wouldn't say the Powerups ruin it but I think they are a bit over done.

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not entered unregistered
#3   24 Jun 2000
very nice indeed... the sounds are fitting and the lighting is nice. despite the nice architecture and overall appearance, it's just another level ruined by powerups
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not entered unregistered
#2   24 Jun 2000
This map is a sight to behold, Gotta love my DDR being able to play with r_subdivisions 1 that sword looks amazing, plus the map plays perfectly.
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not entered unregistered
#1   24 Jun 2000
Finally got it. Awesome work Ned. This is proof that gothic maps can still be done in a cool and original way. :)

And I thought the lighting was fine by the way. Quite nice in fact.

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