Dark Temples
by mac
Dark Temples by mac
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FragTastic Rep. 2297
#4   01 Feb 2012
Very dark indeed, This should be a CTF map. Looking at the comment below, I see the Bot Play is Awful!. But i'll find it out myself.
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mac unregistered
#3   27 Jun 2000
bot play is not my failure.. the bots don't plays them right because the actual version (1.2) has no ai change for domination.. so i have to agree that bot plays not very well but not soo bad like it sounds.. and for sever running domination.. afaik at the domination side there are some server ip mentioned who are running all domination maps avaiable.. and to the gothic in space.. hae in mind that my map was the first gothic spacemap ... take a look here there it was uploaded first time and take a look at the date.. www.fileplanet.com/dl/dl.asp

and who sais that lvl doesn't review non id gametype maps? this is copied out of the submissin page

LvL may not list your level for any of the following reasons:

The level has leaks (bad construction, also means unfinished) and will play like a dog

Produces errors when loading (bad construction, missing files)

The <filename>.zip does not contain all the files need to run the level (missing files)

Author information was not given in the <filename>.txt (missing information)

Unattributed conversions

Anything else that may imply the level is in a unfinished state.

there is no word about mod maps.. so what do you want..

and you can play it dm too but its designed for the mod.. tweaked for as good as possible (weapon placement etc.)



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Scampie unregistered
#2   26 Jun 2000
LvL doesn't review non-id gametype maps (at least not yet), so therefore the map should have either been (a) reviewed as a DM map, like Tigger did. (b) not submitted to LvL.
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fatmanfat unregistered
#1   26 Jun 2000
Well, the reviewer seems to have missed something here. I've had a copy of the .pk3 on my hard drive for a while and the readme clearly states - "for the domination mod only". IOW it's not a ffa level and shouldn't be judged as one. In the context of the domination mod (where you have to control specific areas, in this case each of the 3 temples)the sense of being 3 different maps was somewhat lessened. And the placement made more sense.

However, the bot play on this mod was so wretched that it was impossible to judge how the map played (I was unable to find an online server playing it). Basically the bots would not move between temple areas and would make little attempt to defend the areas. So there was NO gameplay - but I don't think the mapper can be totally responsible for this (though perhaps he could have put some pressure on the coders to do something about it).

Judged purely on aesthetics: I think the whole gothic in space thing doesn't really work here. Maybe one massive gothic building would work better... But 3 gothic temples on 3 clumps of earth? Seemed highly artificial to me.

However the actual construction of the map is sound.

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