k-za-cage by keditok
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komrade180 Rep. 39
#7   01 Jan 2011
6.5 in my opinion
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Image unregistered
#6   09 Dec 2008
I love it. Totally refreshing ideas.
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the white jesus unregistered
#5   18 Jul 2000
the map is fun, and quite a frag fest. 20-30 minutes of this wears me out; it's much harder to kill people with the rocket gun with all the shoot-thru surfaces refusing to provide splash damage! minimal healing helps in this sense i think. gotta keep fraggin' though, or people will pass you up in a hurry! i recomend the railgun through the grates, opposite side of the maps.

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FUBAR unregistered
#4   30 Jun 2000
this one is cool. Im keeping it.
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keditok unregistered
#3   29 Jun 2000
:) ?Glad you like it! A lot of people do. :)
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ResidentSCUM unregistered
#2   26 Jun 2000
There are some really interesting ideas here. Play this with about 4-6 people and a frag fest cooks.
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red_seven unregistered
#1   26 Jun 2000
I like this map

The ammo placement could be better, but I think that the cage idea is really good, as are the ropes.

Give it a try

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