"k-za-cage", a FFA, Team, Tourney map for Q3A.
Author: keditok
Development Time: About 3 months, tho my work was HIGHLY, part-time, and I had a couple of vacations thrown in to boot. :)
Final Compile Time: A little less than 2 hours

I feel that the map will play best with 3 to 8 players, maaybe more in DM mode. You may think more is better.

Thanks to the Q communtity for making this possible, and special thanks to the map editing community, rust.gamedesign.net, and id.
Exta special thanks go out to Lloyd M., Zarathustra, pjw, Firestarter!!, Fricker (for the rope burns), fatmanfat, and last
Sir Fragalot, those who among many really helped me out in making this map the best I could. Also, thanks again to Sir Fragalot,
who uploaded k-za-cage for play testing.

All previous betas of this map should be deleted since this is final, and to free system resources.

Please do not distribute, "k-za-cage" for commercial purposes without my consent.

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