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Black Forest
Black Forest by todd gantzler
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1920
#11   21 Jun 2011
Really good CTF map! Unusual yes, because of the clocks on some crazy drugs and the invisible pool of slime, but I found it rather easy to win. And I like that. When fighting is easy when I am not up for a challenge. Again, really cool. 8.5
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RedOne Rep. 30
#10   04 Nov 2010
The most nonsense map in Lvl - and also one of the greatest. 9.5/10
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Ell Jay unregistered
#9   23 Jun 2005
Best CTF map I have ever played... can play it for hours and still not get tired of it!
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#8   24 Oct 2001
HELP!!! I KEEP RUNING INTO WALLS AND GETTING SHOT WHY I GETTING SHOT WHY DONT I SHOOT BACK? hmmm i tryed shooting back 1 time the bullets went at where the little pointer thingy was and then never at the people why is that? i guess i just suck
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Fragtality unregistered
#7   13 Apr 2001
played this map once on a Lan-session. from this moment i love this map!
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#6   30 Mar 2001
I don't love these maps for quake III.
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DGhost unregistered
#5   21 Jan 2001
A very original ctf map, one of the best I ever played!!!
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keditok unregistered
#4   17 Jul 2000
Nice map! Play this one alot at Aardvark Custom DM. I think the use of the black slime really adds a kick to the unique play atmosphere on this one, as does the uniqueness of your sounds, and the craaazy curved paths. Would give it a 7.5, but gave it an 8. :)
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todd gantzler unregistered
#3   25 Jun 2000
thanks guys for the quick update! everyone can ignore my previous message.
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todd gantzler unregistered
#2   24 Jun 2000
this map has been updated and renamed. until it is updated here, you can download it at:


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fatmanfat unregistered
#1   24 Jun 2000
Aaaaaargh - he falls into the black water without the battlesuit once again.

But I like this map despite that. It would be better if the walkways were a little wider.

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