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Railgun Void
========================================================================= Title : Railgun Void Release date : Sunday, 5/21/2000 File name : q3matt2.pk3 Author : Matt "Mista T." Tropiano Email Address : **email removed** Web Site : members.xoom.com/MistaTs_Spot/ Map description : Multi-level floating platforms connected by stairs. Three jump-pads shoot you to an island in the sky with Protect. I triple- checked this level and made sure that nobody had any big advantages as far as powerups and fragging is concerned. The second Quake 3 Arena map that I have made. Many more to come. I'm finally gettin' the hang of Q3A! Thanks to : id (who Epic Games really can't compete with), and Tom Mustane, Iikka Keranen, Ty Halderman and all of the other map makers out there that have greatly influenced my life in the mapping world for 5 years so far. ========================================================================= ***** Game Type ***** Game : Quake ]|[ Arena Deathmatch : 4-8 players recommended. Tourney : Yes. It is small enough. CTF : No. ***** Construction ***** Editor used : Q3Radiant Known Bugs : None. Build Time : 6 1/2 days Compile machine : p2/450 Compile Times : About 2 1/2 min. AAS File : You betcha! ========================================================================= * How to use the .pk3 * Put it in your BaseQ3 folder in your Q3 directory. It should be listed as a "free for all"/"Tourney"/"Team Deathmatch" map in the game. ...Or for all of you dedicated server-type guys, the map is "q3matt2". * Copyright / Permissions * This file is intended for public use and may be distributed electronically or by disk or CD-R or whatever. Using this map for COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION is PROHIBITED unless OK'ed by me.
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