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Colton Rep. 299
#24   06 Jun 2016
P.S. I used EmeraldTiger's icon to use as an icon for a yellow skin for Visor. I think it's OK to since I don't think he's visited in a while lol. Excellent icon though.
Edited 39 seconds after the original posting.
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EmeraldTiger Rep. 1162
#23   08 Jun 2011
The best dm2 conversion out there by far, at least the "black" map. Not only is the map scaled for Q3 physics, the author even made several other changes to make it better suited for the Q3 style. Fog pits in place of lava was genius and accelerator pads in place ofplatforms was a good idea. Maybe not purist-friendly, but hey if you can make it fell fresh it`s all good!
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#22   10 Aug 2001
Is these map will remake for Quake 4?
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#21   30 Sep 2000
Awesome, you couldnt do a better conversion of this level. just point me to the server running it!!
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#20   29 Sep 2000
This and A Very Bad Place are some ass kicking conversions. Point me to the server running it. Keep up the great job.
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DarkSaidin^SE unregistered
#19   24 Jun 2000
hey, that's what I'd call a fast reaction.. thx.
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DarkSaidin^SE unregistered
#18   24 Jun 2000
it's only a week ago I visited this page last time and already tons of new maps online... way too many to get them all. But wait! This one's off, can't grab it!!!!! PLEAZZZ REPAIR THAT LINK, I LOVE Q1MAPS... GET I WORKIN AGAIN, Tigger-oN!!

PS: Even the worst conversation deserves more than 3 points and that screeny tells me: This should get at least a 6... but I need that map now, so plzzz get it goin!

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Mimi unregistered
#17   22 Jun 2000
-- Love your comments (Bullsiarcher 19 Jun 2000 21:09 id#GOT-GAG-QEP-108) and (not entered

20 Jun 2000 0:12 id#CUK-GyS-TeT-61). Give you a Big 10 for your comments.

-- To LvL the best maps site on the Internet and Tigger-oN & Mandog. I give 100, 100, 100 for each.

-- We think that the map should receive better rating than the current rating at low 3 points plus.

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Blitzz unregistered
#16   21 Jun 2000
Steinecke is just pissed that the Krauts are out of EURO2k hehehe

Dutch will rule =p

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not entered unregistered
#15   20 Jun 2000
Hunter and Minx will have to skydive without parachutes now; but all the best anyway Steinecke. Good luck.
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BYE unregistered
#14   20 Jun 2000
1: That removed comment was posted correctly; maybe this site has been hacked. 2: You can vote as often you want -and manipulate everything! 3: I'm annoyed by the misuse of massmurderers names. 4: There is no protection for your name from being misused. 5: A 'minus-ten' is impossible. 6: It costs too much time. 7: To do the same thing again and again ist boring. 8: I don't like making people unhappy by destroying their illusions. 9: I prefer to do a walk on the wildsde.

Bye. Finally: Bye!

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not entered unregistered
#13   20 Jun 2000
Bullsiarcher, I agree whole-heartidly with all of the points you conveyed in your remarks.

A big thankyou to Tigger & Mandog for creating LvL and dedicating time to keep this site the best map repository on the web. Great job guys.

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Bullsiarcher unregistered
#12   19 Jun 2000
1st of all this site was created for all gamers to constructively critique and incourage these level designers (who generously devote their time and energy) to improve on their craft. It takes alot of courage to put themselves on the line and for that I thank each one of you for your persitence. I'm sure that the best of the best had their share problems. It takes a seed to grow plant and that seed is this forum. Our comments might make the difference in contributing to the creative process. Even maps that do not meet our expectations, may have enough to inspire a better map.This I believe was the intent of LvL. I come here often to see what new gem will turn up today and what new designers will dazzle us with their talent for our gaming pleasure. I don't Know about everyone else But I benefit from the existense of this site and afford it the respect it desevers. Many Thanks to Tigger-on & Mandog for the time and energy they dedicate to this website. If we keep these things in mind, then maybe we can be more contructive rather than destructive.
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Man with no name unregistered
#11   19 Jun 2000
I know that in Germany, Bot play is an important factor as to whether a map is judged to be good or not. I can understand this, as my connection is nothing special either and I don't get suitable ping rates. Surely all we can do is inform designers of this problem and hope that with a little persuasion they will take this into consideration when constructing an arena. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and your choice to award zero points is your prerogative, but is it not being a little unfair to the author to vote more than once - aren't we only allowed one vote.

By the way Steinecke, Hunter and Minx have threatened that if you quit the campaign for the Bots that they will take bungie jumps (without a rope) off any high platforms available, even in Id maps.

By the way we all make mistakes.

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Tigger-oN & Mandog unregistered
#10   19 Jun 2000
Its amazing how you carry on Steinecke, we have not removed any posts on the map listing, we've been busy looking at maps, working and just woken up from a few hours of sleep. I have not looked over the site for at least 12-16 hours, and now you are stating that we have *removed* your comment? maybe you just didn't hit the send button, or maybe your network connection dropped out.

Personally I do not like censorship at all and I think you will find that people get away with a lot on LvL that other sites would not have a bar of. Steinecke, I think you fail to understand censorship when you have requested that comments be removed.

There are no circumstances in which we would remove posts without leaving a post to say that we had done so. This is the second time you have accused us of removing a post when we hadn't. Last time you were mixed up about which map you had in fact posted on.

These kind of *threats* of not making any more post are pretty silly. I'm not holding your hand and telling you that you *have* to hit the submit button to enter your comment into the database.

So the short of it all. No comments to date have been removed from this maps listing.

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Unknown Gladiator unregistered
#9   19 Jun 2000
Steinecke, you should reconsider your decision about stopping posting comments on LvL as they are often quite humourous and occasionally sensible. With regard to the whole censorship issue, this is needed in order to prevent people being offended by others comments. I don't recall the details of what you said, and therefore can't judge whether it was offensive or just a bit of harmless banter.

I also have had some of my posts removed, but like yourself I have a sense of humour.

Tigger and Mandog are correct in applying censorship to this site, but should also remember that a lot of the remarks are not really malicious, just a bit of fun and banter among us guys and gals.

Maybe they should only remove remarks if they receive complaints from other users about a particular post. If users are annoyed about a statement they should inform Tigger and Bow Wow; just jesting.

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Steinecke unregistered
#8   19 Jun 2000
I see, my last comment is removed; somehow Tigger and/or Mandog fell in love with censorship. I don't like that kind of dictatorship. I will never again post comments on LvL.


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OozE unregistered
#7   19 Jun 2000
I love mustaines' map.
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Steinecke unregistered
#6   18 Jun 2000
Sorry. Earnestly. I will explain it for you, 'maiden22': If someone is coming into a hospital or an asylum, cause he or she drank to much gin, can he (or she) tell: I'm so proud, to be here, 'cause it took me a very long time and a sea of whiskey to be brought to this place! What I mean: It just doesn't matter, how long someone was working on a map; -only the result matters in the competition. And that's, what I'm doing: I compare maps: sometimes it's hard, to be fair. Compare this map with Mustaine's map; if I'm giving more than zero points for 'Black', I must give 15 points for the 'Mustaine'-maps. Do you understand? Another thing, just one question: are you prefer the 6, -or do you prefer the 9?
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   18 Jun 2000
The jump to 100h/RA is there, now its a *run, jump on the fence thing, then to 100h/RA, then jump back towards the fence* - you could do this in q1 version as well. The jump over the lava towards the *traped* yellow armor and teleport can be done as well, but now you land in the *window*.
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magatsu unregistered
#4   18 Jun 2000
word up, maiden22. i hear that my man. (no rating)
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maiden22 unregistered
#3   18 Jun 2000
some people are just damn obnoxious!! I don't really know this guy, but I've been watching his largely rude comments for a while now, and more often than not the map turns out not that bad. Some people have nothing to do but sit on their ass all day, and so they go out and trash others for no particular reason but that they're bored out of their minds.

The author of this map spent something like 4 months doing this map. It went through something like 8 or 9 betas. Anyway, all that matters at the end of the day is how good or bad the map is (not too many people give points for trying). But before I go out and criticize someone with rude remarks, I would at least make an effort to find out how much work went into their work..even if the map sucked as bad as you make it sound (which it totally doesn't!!) you don't say stuff like that to a guy that makes screens of his maps available nicely zipped on his webby. Shame on you!

Don't pretend to be Tig, cause you're not!

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Johnny Law unregistered
#2   18 Jun 2000
"black" is indeed the better of the two, just because it deviates enough that you don't expect it to behave identically to the original dm2.

"q1dm2" really is scaled pretty well -- among the best conversion jobs yet in that regard -- but there's a few letdowns if you're expecting fidelity. Example #1: standard dm2 jumps that would still have been possible with the Q3 engine are nevertheless defeated by the dimensions of the map. Like the strafejump across the lava to the RA/MH. Example #2: The Jesus Room is way too squashed/short.

On the whole though, it's OK if you like remakes, and botplay isn't the be-all and end-all of map design. Giving it a "zero" grade is just petty.

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Steinecke unregistered
#1   18 Jun 2000
Happy-happ-joy-joy! I was waiting for this 'masterpiece' to appear at LvL. Zero points (=nada). Botplay at it's worst. Download it and feel black inside your tortured heart by really haunting lemming-like botplay! Could have been named: 'The Black Bothole'.
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