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Gotham by dur
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#32   29 May 2021
@HelterSkeleton You found it (and voted on it). My fav city map is "The Plaza" ( Far from amazing but still quite enjoyable.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#31   16 Apr 2021
@raspatan i get where you are coming from but i never play/review ctfs as FFAs. There really is no point, and I think the FFA option for ctf's is more an afterthought in the arnea file, than it is by design of the map by the author. What i really liked here is the integration of city-theme and ctf gamestyle, and like i said my complaint would be coverage up top and nerfing the rg but putting it down low. I'm too old now, I think to learn mapping from scratch - the people who tend to map are people trained and working in graphics/gaming industry, or building up to that - but if i ever find the time I would do a full remake of this one with more of gotham city feel - dark knight or something like that. you might be thinking of guns by pjw??? TBH i think that is better than this. It is asymmetric and does have a city theme. TBH it slipped my mind (so let's just say i think it is one of the best). but i guess i think of that more than industrial area, than whole city if you know what i mean. but from memory i don't think that has a train element in it. Fro memory some rooftops and sewers in a packing district
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raspatan Rep. 4508
#30   16 Apr 2021
@HelterSkeleton It has some cool features but don't like the fact that is symmetric (FFA). Best city map for me is "The Plaza" (
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#29   27 Mar 2021
in terms of gameplay, this is the best city map I have ever played on, and it's a ctf no less! Only criticism here is that I would have placed the rail guns in the sewer area to minimise sniping and some crates (or airvents, bulkheads, tanks) for cover. In terms of graphics: solid! To what has already been said in the comment, I will add this; a noir/nighttime lighting scheme to fit with the them of Gotham City would have been nice. They have been done without being too dark. I look forward to playing this the next time I have a lan party.
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FragTastic Rep. 2343
#28   07 Jan 2012
Brilliant Plain brilliant =).
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2362
#27   08 Jun 2011
I found it disappointing that you cannot go inside the buildings. Also, this is the only map I found with a comment from Mand0g.
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Digit@L PC unregistered
#26   08 Sep 2001
So? How bout' Dangercity is a city map? Or maybe that was the time when it was'nt there.
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MakeMeHurt unregistered
#25   25 Feb 2001
Great job i give it a 10!
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MakeMeHurt unregistered
#24   25 Feb 2001
This map rocks its the only map of a city for q3 that ive ever seen and im really into city maps so if you like em like, me this is a must have!
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ThunderChicken unregistered
#23   28 Nov 2000
Well campers. I LOVE IT. Great map for CTF (DM sux) but I'm just a flag tramp and what do I know? I agree with Conan in that it dose need a grenade launcher in the sewer. Hey, what is a sewer without grenades bouncing off the walls? :-]) And what is all the crying about the sewer? I think it is great, 5 ways in, 4 ways out, I do a lot of fragin' down there.

This map is worth the download time! It is, how do you say it?...small , yet big. Try getting to the top of the buildings (tuff to do I know) and just look around. Good for railing too, you cant hide up there but you can command over half the map from there if you can stay alive to do it. ;)

Good flow and fast caps and well playing bots make this map a 9 but I think I will give it a 10 just to piss off that guy/girl that give it a 0. :-) WTG Dur.

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-sharky- unregistered
#22   24 Sep 2000
I like it for CTF only. Not really realistic though. Should use reference when creating such a map. Still, lots of fun.


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Redhotwheels unregistered
#21   28 Jul 2000
A few more items could spruce this map up a bit, as well as a sewer revamp, which goes without saying.....

I'd be interested to see a night translation of this map, with streetlights, neon signs, and maybe a few building entrances.

Vertex lighting makes this map almost unbearably bright, at least on my video card ;)

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spencer unregistered
#20   26 Jul 2000
fragtown ruled for Q1.

So what is stopping this map from being awsome then??


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CONAN unregistered
#19   10 Jul 2000
I thought the map was rather good!!! You need a little sewer,just to keep things authenic! I really don't want to hit you, but a nice grenade launcher in the sewer, would put a nice finishing touch on things!!CONAN
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dur unregistered
#18   10 Jul 2000
Now 3 straight votes of 1 with no comments. Very cute. Some folks are so clever.
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dur unregistered
#17   05 Jul 2000
Whoever entered a vote of 0 on this map without submitting a comment can rest assured that that doing so is probably the most significant thing he/she will ever do. Miscreant.
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FooL unregistered
#16   22 Jun 2000
Like Octovus said, this map is better in CTF. (almost to the "the map ownz" level, but not quite) For DM this map....blows goat testicles. (never learned how to spell testicles in school. don't know if that's right;-)~ However, for CTF it is good.....(except) You can cap the flag in 12 seconds flat (there's a nifty setting in T.E.C. ver2.0 that displays this. and before you dismiss this as using the grapple, the 12 second cap time was without grapple. so imagine WITH). That's a little fast for this size of a level. I'm not quite sure what to think of the tops of the buildings. Defensive postions sure, but only with rail gun because of distance. ahhh...whatever. it's kewl in CTF. Forget it even has a FFA setting. 6 outta 10 for the wasted space on the building tops and WTF is the underground "sewer". oh and Octuvus...don't feel bad, I did the same thing. popping up in the enemies base giving them their flag back on a silver platter. (Xearo does some damage with the rail when he's on Nightmare!)
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Unnamed Player unregistered
#15   21 Jun 2000
John boy Carmack must have started visiting this site using the pseudonym 'not entered'. Surely that babble which appears to us as gibberish, is really the code at the heart of his new engine.
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elvis unregistered
#14   21 Jun 2000
cool map . thats about all.

not too realistic in the basementsewer

some ritualistic shit must be goin on down there:)

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not entered unregistered
#13   20 Jun 2000
Two thumbs up. This is LA after the Lakers won the final! In the interesting open spaces of the city skyline I like that there is no safe haven for railers. Any spot could be ambushed -- creating a fast paced and fun DM. But excellent for a large CTF. I would add street signs or maybe graffiti on walls (like Sharks vs. Jets) indicating which way is each home base. More dur to you.
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dur unregistered
#12   19 Jun 2000
Octovus, Mimi, thanks for the praise and voluble comments. (Especially you Mimi, 'cause you emailed me about a sky problem you had and I never wrote back...sorry).

A lot can be explained in saying that was my first map. The little details like s {666}'s comment about trash in the street, etc. takes a LOT OF TIME. You have to make artwork and really tweak, etc. I haven't got that much time, so I concentrate on making new gameplay-oriented arenas that don't (deliberately) hurt the eyes. How many times have you seen reviews here that say 'beautiful, exquisitely crafted,...unplayable.' ? I start with gameplay (or try to). If someone likes it and wants to make it prettier, be my guest, email me and I can give you the .map file if you make a good case.

Blame the relatively high r_speeds on a newbie mapper's making things without thinking about polygon hits. I've got a new map I'll be slapping up in the beta section in the next couple of days, if you're interested (and submitting soon, so look for it in a month or so :-)

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Mimi unregistered
#11   19 Jun 2000
-- Fine looking Urban City Map theme.
-- Yes, underground is a gothic theme. However, it has better look than a lot gothic maps out there
-- Horizontal play on street level and under ground are good.
-- Vertical and long range play on top of buildings and from building to building are good.
-- CTF level are challenge and fun.
-- The Map is played well with a lot of Q3 Mods and Q3 Action Mod.
-- Bots play fine with or without Q3 Mods.
-- It’s an all around purpose map and fun to play.
-- We have good time play the map on the LAN and in Q3 single mode.
-- It’s worth your download time and it should have received higher scores.

<-> PS: Compact computers with S3/Diamond Savage 4 graphics video card and having weird problem with the blue sky/yellow sun/green grass displays.

  1. Get the latest Savage4 BIOS ROM and graphics driver upgrade from Compaq Support site.
  2. You also need the latest S3/Diamond Savage4 Reference Driver from S3/Diamond Site for bugs fix and Open GL extensions
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RiO unregistered
#10   19 Jun 2000
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Keep the Action Maps for the Action Mods!
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NOT ENTERED unregistered
#9   18 Jun 2000
Oops, suppose the pipes and Octovus's comments suggest that the subterranean section of the map is a sewer after all, but just not as I would picture one.

Duh, my brain cell hurts.

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Octovus unregistered
#8   18 Jun 2000
Well I tried DM, it sucked ass (no offense) but then I came here and the CTF update struck me as a "Well I oughta try that before I comment", especially as I am mostly a CTF player atm.

Well, it kicked ass. I'm sure people are gonna disagree, and originally I thought this was just another map (or maybe less than just another map) but if you like CTF, do yourself a favor and try this out.

The sewers look the same, but they become an extremely busy section of the map as opposed to the dis-used ugly area of before. The powerups are out of the way still, but they are worth running for in CTF (imho, the DM version shoulda had a quad and invis instead of haste and regen).

And it just fits, with this being symmetrical. Everything is laid out great for a game of ctf, but one "interesting" thing: The bases don't have color identification, so occasionally after a battle in the sewer I'd find myself wandering into the enemies base holding their flag (cos I was disoriented)

Kind of a problem, though personally it added "flavor" to the map. Definitively the best Urban map around, but that doesn't say much..yet...can't wait for Urban Terror ;)

8.5 outa ten for the CTF (which is what I'm voting for) but oooh look at that low score I'll count it a 9

Trust me: Play it in CTF, quickie capture techniques and other tricks abound. =)

L8rs! Octovus

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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#7   18 Jun 2000
You should try reworking some areas of this map as it has the potential to be good.
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not entered unregistered
#6   18 Jun 2000
It is nice to see Dur creating something a bit different, but unfortunately this map wasn't that impressive. City maps tend not to vary the style of the buildings and the lack of diversity results in a level that has structures that look like different sizes boxes. Also at street level it would be interesting to see more detail such as trash cans, rubbish, graffitti, traffic lights, road markings, etc; these additions might help increase the realism of the arena. That said this is a reasonal attempt at designing an urban level, and the variety of the textures used to create the skyscrapers certainly do increase its appearance. Layout is ok, and allows players to easily traverse from one corner of the map to the others in a relatively short time. The subterranean area is rather basic and doesn't really correlate with the modern day setting. May have been better to construct a subway and add some ambient noise such as the rush of trains, or alternatively form a sewer system with a dank atmosphere, include some shallow water and reduce visibility by the addition of fog.

Can't comment on the quality of gameplay against the bots as I haven't gotten around to whipping them yet; but layout suggests that it should be reasonable.


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Mandog unregistered
#5   18 Jun 2000
The id number is a translation of your ip No. we were having trouble with some people making lots of dumb posts under multiple names so the id code just shows that the posts were made from the same machine or class C without displaying your literal iP number which could potentialy be harvested by someone with ill intent.
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RedFive unregistered
#4   18 Jun 2000
It's called Gotham because you're always flying from rooftop to rooftop, but it ain't dark enough to be Gotham. Gotham is supposed to be in perpetual night. And the sewers could be more interesting. A 6 from me.

Oh, what's this id number thingie ???

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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   18 Jun 2000
This is a CTF map, KGB.

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s{666} unregistered
#2   18 Jun 2000
I dig city maps, but I find that one of the problems with them is often times scale, which I think was handled better in this map than in "quatrix". Sometimes it seems as though your a 15ft tall person relative to things like the street lights or when your on the sidewalk standing right next to a building. On the upside,what's nice in this map is the skyscrapers in the background, they really enhance the feeling being in a city, a thought occured to me as I was walking through this map, it would be really cool if this was done as " running across rooftops only" map. Meaning, make it as a space map but rather than being in space your fighting high atop skyskrapers, then you wouldn't need to deal with player/building scale on the city streets and you could keep that sense of massive space when on a wrong step and splat.

I agree with the reviewers comment about the sewer system seeming like an after thought....havn't played it with bots yet so can't comment on gameplay

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KGB agent unregistered
#1   18 Jun 2000
bad frames for me, The symmetry would have made a better CTF map.

How come there arent any City CTF maps?

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