The Old Neighborhood
The Old Neighborhood by QuartZ
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Luc[I]feR unregistered
#14   16 Jun 2003
I just can't stop playing this map now. Ah the memories. The fast gameplay from quake1 still exists. The bots on the higher levels also know how to get at the invisibility without too much drama with the 1.32 patch.

Downloading the other maps created now.

Hope to see some more new work in the near future too.

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Luc[I]feR unregistered
#13   15 Jun 2003
Simply fantastic

I've been playing a few of the old school maps of late and DM6 was the one I was best at.

Plays excellent and with some mad rail skills the RG is a very welcome (yet overpowering at times) addition.

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blah blah blah unregistered
#12   13 Jun 2000
oh yeah!! i have been waiting for months fo this motha and its finally here! This is a great conversion in my eyes...i have always loved this map. great job, this will give me and my friends many hours of fun.
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SW unregistered
#11   13 Jun 2000
Best conversion of the map I´ve ever seen. Plays very fastl and the RG fits in very well. Good work! ( 9P )
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rockN79 unregistered
#10   13 Jun 2000
I never really played the original, so I had not any problems with scale not feeling right or whatever and I really liked this one. Plays fast and looks really good. Too bad the bots don't know how to open the invisibility door and get stuck on it.

I did take a look at the original in Quake (still have it installed) after playing the conversion and

I believe this map comes closest to the original Quake atmosphere so far (although real Quake/Quakeworld addicts would heavily disagree).

This is the best conversion I have seen so far, but I'd rather see new maps OR a conversion that really looks different than the original.

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45hM3Dai unregistered
#9   12 Jun 2000
I just loved this map - there hasn´t been any better DM Map for any FPS until Q3 came out - I still love it, allthough it´s kinda different (but Q3 is a different game)
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Caleb unregistered
#8   11 Jun 2000
Very nice map Quartz. Personally I like 'smaller' maps with constant action like this one. A re-make of another games map? So fcking what! If it was fun on another game it CAN be fun on another with proper adjustments(like scaling). The framerate, lighting and <i>feel are all good(unlike Law's ctf level - maybe that's why he's still hurtin and pissing here).

Quartz don't feel so bad about the mixed review, normally when a conversion hits this site the reviewer trashes it and dismisses it as 'just another conversion.'

I look forward to more good conversions - keep up the good work >;)

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QuartZ unregistered
#7   11 Jun 2000
Actually Johnny Law, the entire map was rescaled and built from scratch to make it match the Quake 3 players size and physics.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   11 Jun 2000
Well, whenever I play a conversion, it just doesn't feel right: the scale is off... I'm moving too slowly... the GL doesn't fire fast enough... the LG is weird... WTF is there a railgun here? ... etc.

Might be cool with CQA, although I there would still be scale problems. (Like the DM2 conversion in CQA, which has bad scale problems.)

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Dutch unregistered
#5   11 Jun 2000
NOT FIRST POST....Oh brother -Lag Gore. This is pretty well done , but I'm burned out on these old maps I played over and over on a lan. People new to Quake ( if there are any) may like it.
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magatsu unregistered
#4   11 Jun 2000
hahahahaaaaaa!! kick ass map (9)
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RiO unregistered
#3   11 Jun 2000
Well made, like QuartZ's other maps, but the 'corridors' style of map doesn't work as well in Q3A as it did in Q1.

Works well with the CQA mod ( just put the pk3 in the cqa directory instead of baseq3.

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Steinecke unregistered
#2   11 Jun 2000
Something, nobody really needs. Something really nobody needs.
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Lag Gore unregistered
#1   11 Jun 2000
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