INTENSE! by David Davidson
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raspatan Rep. 4064
#25   16 Jun 2021
A childhood classic. What an intense map. Could do with some minor tweaks (bounce brush quite coarse, health distribution, replace one RL with GL). Still, this is simple but super effective and fun design.
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Tig Rep. 1134
#24   27 Nov 2010
@deqer: Extra screenshots have been added as well as a panorama. The review has also been updated. The original review had very rough gramma and did not read well.

Also, the original screenshot has been updated, however due to browser caching you may still see the original for a while.

BTW, most maps before Dec, 2005 only have a single screenshot.

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deqer unregistered
#23   27 Nov 2010
why is there only one screen shot? and why is it the worst screenshot of them all? :)
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Phil unregistered
#22   27 Jun 2000
A great tourney map !!!
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Ideath unregistered
#21   16 Jun 2000
I'm a little tired of the gothic theme but it plays great, and thats what matters. The Tech vers looks good but I don't like the bfg, to each his own.
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miles666 unregistered
#20   06 Jun 2000
no need to play the bfg version. as a 1on1 tourney map this is the shit!!!! kinda weird havin two rl's but i can live with it.
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RedFive unregistered
#19   04 Jun 2000
Eternally...: I can see you drooling all over your screen as you're watching Conni or TankGirl... Come on dude, get a LIFE !!!!
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SiCdeth unregistered
#18   04 Jun 2000

i now know what slash ure talking about but god... if u have to sit there and stare at a computer game characters tits to get off then u need to get off the computer and go outside for a while.

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SiCdeth unregistered
#17   04 Jun 2000
eternally.. i think u have major problems, where the hell do u see slash?? and why the hell would u want to see phantasia 2000????
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Eternally In Your Mouth, unregistered
#16   03 Jun 2000
I havent played this map yet, but have you guys seen the tits on that Slash picture above? Man, I think I would like to ask her out on a date...maybe to go see Phantasia 2000, and then back to my place for to her to swing on my twig and berries.
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RedFive unregistered
#15   02 Jun 2000
Steinecke: Believe me, after a day at the municipal court of Montreal, a BFG-Slaughterhouse is EXACTLY what I need !!!
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rockN79 unregistered
#14   02 Jun 2000
Now this map is fun. While I agree that the extreme version is just garbage, the normal version is really cool. Everyone who has played my last map knows I like small and fast maps. And this one delivers!

Only thing I found odd was the second rocket launcher, but it might be O.K. This judgement is not based on a lot playing of mine, but merely the fact that I find two rl for such a small map is one to much.

I found the weapon selection to be excellent, too. rail and shaft rule! The best combination of weapons in Q3A.

Good job!

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Steinecke unregistered
#13   02 Jun 2000
I don't see the reason to make map-'packs' wich incliude extra-garbage nobody needs! The second map is something like a Bfg-slaughterhouse, nothing else!

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RedFive unregistered
#12   02 Jun 2000
That does it, I have to ask the question: what's the purpose of "Pure Server", apart from pissing off Q3A players who customized their game like I did. I know it's supposed to be an anti-cheating thing, but it's turning into an anti-PLAYING thing. My solution, put a big fat "seta sv_pure 0" in your autoexec.cfg and after that you'll have no more problems loading maps, skins, sounds, etc. I know id wanted to go nuts on the security thing but maybe they went overboard on this "Pure" thing; so much for a customizable game. If you customize it, be ready to get kicked from more than a few servers. And to server admins, PLEASE put that sv_pure 0, as no two Quake players have exactly the same maps, skins, sounds, etc.
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RiO unregistered
#11   01 Jun 2000
I liked it, but why, oh why, oh WHY the BFG? It ruined the whole tech version!!!!!

Would have been 9, but 6 because of the BFG.

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Munyul unregistered
#10   01 Jun 2000
Quazi - type in:

/sv_pure 0

That'll get the map to load.

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RedFive unregistered
#9   31 May 2000
I write too damn fast !!! Should've said "these small maps" !!! Sorry.
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RedFive unregistered
#8   31 May 2000
I wasn't expecting too much from this small map but I really like 'em! The easy-to-grab BFG makes a perfect game when you come back from a shitty day at work and you're just ready to wish BFGs were real !!! So maybe not one of the all-time great maps, but sure is fun to just whip out a quick game without having to search for tools of destruction. an 8 in my book.
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Prophet unregistered
#7   31 May 2000
Layout could've done better, but texturing is cool for the most part. I'll give it a 6 because I don't like the layout.

Btw: Why is that jumppad so goddam "blocky" ? :)

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OozE unregistered
#6   31 May 2000
Atmosphere, lots' of curved surfaces used to nice effects (the horns) and cool sound effects...big open area for rail practice--I would have to disagree, based on looks alone I think it's above average. The gameplay is nice for rail junkies, but may get a bit old after a while for lack of complexity for others. Worth a look!
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Captain (Horatio) Chaos unregistered
#5   31 May 2000
Quazi, open the console and type the following: seta sv_pure 0 (press enter).

This enables cheats then type: map mapname (press enter); hopefully this will enable you to play the level.

Remember to change the sv_pure back to 1, as I hear that multiplayer servers will boot you if it is set to 0 (Don't know if this is true).

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Steinecke unregistered
#4   31 May 2000
Average pack. Only 'cause bots do fine... it's a 6.
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magatsu unregistered
#3   30 May 2000
the normal version is well balanced and fun; however, i like the -x version more...

everybody around here hates the bfg cause it's so unbalanced. but isn't it a lot of fun against hardcore or nightmare bots? that's what games are about people, fun.. not rules and balance

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Quazi unregistered
#2   30 May 2000
why doesn't the level load up? I've downloaded it three times and I've done exactly the same thing to it that I've done with hundreds of other levels, and it just refuses to load. Honestly, I've downloaded a few other levels that have done this exact same thing, and I'm still dumbfounded (or just dumb, but I thought I ruled that out! :)

Anyway, here's what happens: I download the zip, unzip it to Quake3baseq3, get into Q3, open the console, type "/devmap dvd3dm1", Q3 tries to load it, but the loading background is simply the foggy Q3 logo (which means that Q3 can't find the level's logo image), it says "loading INTENSE!" (i.e. it can read something, therefore the PAK itself ain't broke), but it spits me back to the main menu.

Anyone have any ideas?

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OozE unregistered
#1   30 May 2000
The gothic is real great..the intense (ver. X) is lame...but at least u have the option. :) Anyway, the sounds, architecture, layout, etc. makes for some fast and fun gameplay..great rail practice...must have map! I like it. Simple, small, and effective. Kudos to Mr. Davidson.
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